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4 Must-Know Tips For Launching a YouTube Channel for Your Business

Video marketing continues to take the business world by storm. Even as we enter into a new year, video is still one of the most effective components of every modern-day digital marketing strategy. With mobile video consumption rising 100% annually, there’s no doubt that video marketing is gaining traction among consumers. Compared to plain text, people find videos more appealing and memorable.

Many small business owners think that creating high-quality videos will eat up a huge chunk of their working capital. But with the help of fast business loans from reputable lending facilities, you’ll be able to use the additional working capital to work on your video marketing strategy.

If you want to boost conversion and increase sales, crafting an effective video marketing strategy is a must. And what better way to implement this strategy than to make use of the most popular video-sharing platform: YouTube.

The Most Commonly Used Video Marketing Platform

Nearly 15 years after its launch, YouTube is the fastest growing video marketing platform. It has grown so much over the years that YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world. So when it comes to generating leads and converting them to sales, YouTube is the way to go. Here are some of the latest findings that back this claim:

  • YouTube generates over one billion hours worth of views per day.
  • Almost one-third of the internet is on YouTube – that’s than 2,000,000,000 users!
  • In mobile use alone, YouTube reaches more people than any TV network.
  • The average mobile user can watch videos on YouTube for more than 40 minutes.
  • Among all social media platforms, YouTube has the best post-click engagement and the lowest bounce rate.

It goes to show that YouTube has great staying power. In fact, it’s responsible for most of the mobile web traffic as it surpasses Facebook and Netflix. With these stats in mind, it only makes to use YouTube as your company’s video marketing platform. If done correctly, it becomes easy for you to catch your audience’s attention and keep it for a period of time.

4 Tips to Create an Effective YouTube Marketing Strategy

For end-users, YouTube is fairly straightforward. Type www.youtube.com; search for videos, and then click on the ones you want to watch. Unfortunately, it’s not easy for marketers.

While the returns for YouTube marketing are promising, creating content and developing an effective strategy is time-consuming. You need to constantly formulate new video content, create eye-catching thumbnails, shoot and edit videos among others. Fortunately, you’ll be able to reap great returns once your strategy is proven effective.

Before you go out there and start shooting videos, here are four simple tips you need to know about.

1.    Brand Awareness is Crucial

With thousands of YouTube accounts vying for attention, it’s important to set your channel apart from the competition. Think of your channel as a storefront; it’s the first thing people see, so it’s important to showcase the essence of your company. The videos, images, and descriptions you put on your channel should reflect your brand (who you are as a company).

Your channel’s visual branding is an essential component of your overall branding strategy. For instance, your YouTube thumbnails should have high resolution. Google suggests that the thumbnail resolution should be 1280×720. In this way, you won’t need to lower the image quality by resizing it.

2.    Your Channel Should be Easy to Find

Once you’ve established your brand, the next step is to make your channel visible. Marketers use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve website visibility. In the same manner, you can optimize your YouTube channel to make it more visible to your target audience.

Ensuring that you continue to develop relevant and quality content is a crucial part of optimizing your channel. Conducting keyword research helps you find relevant content your audience will surely love. To get a clear idea of what your audience is searching for, you can use keyword research tools. YouTube channels that implement effective keyword optimization will eventually rank higher and be more visible.

To help you get started, here are a few tips on YouTube optimization:

  • Title: The focus keywords should be in the title. Make sure to use keywords that are the most relevant to your brand or topic. Another tip is to add a colon after the keyword in the title. For example, “SEO: How to Conduct Keyword Research”. A good title length would fall between 50 to 60 characters.
  • Description: For the video description, you can add a full URL link to a certain website you want your audience to check out. It could be to your Instagram or Facebook page, an affiliated blog, a subscription page, etc. Use both focused and semantically related keywords, but make sure not to stuff it with keywords, including the title. Google is smart and once they find out about keyword stuffing, they’re going to penalize your channel.
  • Tags: Tags are an important component too. When choosing tags, make sure to keep them relevant and specific. Having 10 to 15 related tags would suffice.
  • Closed Captions: Adding closed captions to your videos can expand your reach to a larger audience and increase viewership. This translates to a huge improvement in online visibility. Google and YouTube read and index closed captions, so having one helps your channel to be more findable.

3.    Consistent Production is Key

Consistency is key to staying on top of your audience’s minds. If you want to grow a team of loyal and engaging subscribers, it’s important to be consistent. Being consistent not only benefits your audience, but it influences the YouTube algorithm as well. Consistency prompts YouTube crawlers to check your channel more often and monitor your content for higher ranking.

There are two things you need to keep in mind when maintaining consistency throughout your channel:

  • Keep your thumbnails consistent with your branding.
  • Upload times and the length of your videos should be consistent.

Consistency can help build your brand and your following. In this way, your viewers will know what to expect from you. If you only upload two videos every three months, your audience will start to lose interest. It’s important that you keep publishing content that’s relevant to your niche to keep your viewers engaged.

Upload videos during the best upload times and days.

Uploading your videos at the same time is a great way to maintain consistency. The best upload times depend on primetime viewership hours. If a majority of your audience is young adults, you can upload your videos around 5 pm, after they get out of work, or from 10 pm onwards before they sleep. When it comes to the best upload days, studies show that it’s best to post later in the week.

In order to determine your best upload times, it’s important to know your audience’s demographics. Aligning your content schedule during these times can help generate more leads, improve conversion, and increase more sales.

Pay attention to the length of your videos.

Paying close attention to the length of your videos is another major factor that drives more sales. The length of your videos depends on the industry you’re in and the topics you want to cover. But if you want to maintain consistency, make sure to upload videos around the same length.

If your channel revolves around how-to videos, hacks, or tips and tricks, you want to refrain from uploading hour-long videos. Your videos should be concise and entertaining so your viewers won’t lose focus.

4.    Don’t Forget Your CTAs

Call-to-actions on YouTube are simple yet effective. Most CTAs are done at the end of the video, so it’s important to keep your viewers engaged until the end. Whether you want them to subscribe to your channel, download something, or like your video, it’s important for you to actually say it. Your viewers are most likely engrossed in your video, so make sure to remind them of what you want them to do.

CTAs in your videos is an effective way to generate more leads, drive more traffic back to your website, and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

The Goal of Every Entrepreneur: Improve Conversion and Increase Sales

In the past, companies can get away without video marketing. But these days, it’s absolutely necessary. With additional funding from fast business loans, you can produce high-quality, engaging, and eye-catching videos.

YouTube marketing lets entrepreneurs create an effective video marketing strategy. You’ll be able to broaden your reach, establish your brand, generate more traffic to your website, and increase your sales.