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33 Amazing Health Benefits Of Spinach (And One Big Risk)


Spinach is popularly listed as a “superfood,” and is commonly cited as the healthiest, easiest-to-eat food for human beings, and can be eaten in a dizzying amount of different ways.

However, spinach does contain a lesser-known health risk, that certain people need to be aware of, and we’ll break this down below.

This article lays out the full story about the health benefits of spinach. Why is spinach supposed to be so great for us? What is a potential risk in overeating on spinach?

Even in my own experience, spinach is a must when I’m at the grocery store. It lasts a long time in the fridge, but nothing compares to how adaptable spinach is.

Spinach has a home in food from cultures all over the world, from Italian food, to Mexican or Caribbean food, to, Thai, Indonesian, Indian, African, and Greek food, and much, much more.

No matter what I’m cooking for friends or family, spinach is my favorite way to add a luscious soft flavor and satisfying “oomph” to my meal without overpowering the other tastes.

Even though spinach is an age-old favorite, dating back to Popeye and his predecessors, science has recently discovered even more reasons to eat more of this outstandingly nutritious superfood.

What You’ll Learn From This Article
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  • Tips and Tricks for Making Spinach Salads
  • 5 Outstanding Recipes for Spinach
  • Why spinach is the easiest, healthiest food out there
  • The one actual health risk in eating spinach

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