3 Ways to Make Your Grandparents’ Birthday Special

3 Ways to Make Your Grandparent’s Birthday Special

As your grandparents get older, their birthdays tend to get lost in the shuffle. Plus, with the spread of the novel coronavirus and the heightened risk of complications in seniors, it’s difficult to celebrate even if you want to. To overcome these hurdles and avoid letting another year go by, here are some ways to make your grandparent’s birthday special.

Find Creative Ways to Spend Time Together

First, to maintain safe distancing practices and make their day memorable, get creative with your time together. Plan a nice day out in gorgeous Florida weather by setting up distanced tables and umbrellas to provide shade. Though they may not have the stamina for a long visit, they’ll appreciate the in-person contact.

Another idea is to message everyone they know and organize a drive-by parade. Seeing all their favorite people on their birthday is a precious gift, especially if they don’t see them much these days.

Choose Homemade Over Store-Bought

Now for their gift. Though there are several tips for finding the ideal gift, grandparents always enjoy something handmade from their grandkids. They treasure everything about you, and that includes the work of your hands. Bless them with something borne of your creativity rather than something you pick up from the store.

If you need ideas, you can make:

  • a photo album
  • a DIY candle
  • a coaster set
  • a painting
  • a hand-crafted dish

Ask for Advice

Our final way to make your grandparent’s day special is to simply ask them for advice. The psychologist Erik Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development show why doing this is so fulfilling for them.

The reason is, as people reach their 50s and 60s, in order to avoid stagnation and feel like they are contributing, they appreciate talking about their experiences and values. This helps them feel like they are passing on good, lasting information to the generation that comes after them.

So give your grandma or grandpa a video call and offer up specific questions. Among many more specific subjects, you can delve into:

  • What they would tell their teenage self
  • What their biggest regrets are
  • The lessons they learned from their job(s)
  • How the world changed throughout their life
  • What their parents taught them that stuck with them