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3 Reasons to Visit Arizona in Summer


Arizona is called the Grand Canyon state. So there it is, in the nickname itself, the reason to pay it a visit at least once in your lifetime. The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s premier natural attractions and as such it’s visited by about five million visitors per year

You might have also heard that Arizona is a warm state, with sunny weather throughout the year. Hence, the summer in Arizona is hot. So won’t all of those 5 million visitors, yourself included, try to avoid the heat and schedule the visit for some other time of the year? 

But you should know, summers are hot but not dry. This means it can be quite enjoyable if you know how to spend your time. Plus, those other tourists will avoid it, so there will be fewer crowds. If that’s not a good enough reason, keep reading to find one and plan your trip accordingly. 

Spas, pools, rivers, lakes

Heat is the easiest to handle when you are near a body of water. And Arizona has them in many shapes and forms. If you want to rest by the pool, work on your tan and show all that on your Instagram (so, a proper summer vacay) you can choose one of more than 120 pools in Scottsdale alone. 

Those who prefer pampering in spas followed by some light activity like yoga can choose one of many luxury spa resorts. Miraval in Tucson is probably the most famous one. And keep in mind, fewer people means less demand, hence giving you the opportunity to make reservations with lower rates. This goes for spas as well as for all the activities we mention here. 

For those who want adventure, Arizona has many rivers and lakes that will help you cool off and have some fun too. Even exploring a part of the desert is possible, because the Sonoran desert is reachable from the Lower Salt River. There you can do some paddle boarding while enjoying the desert surroundings. 

Shopping away the heat 

Shopping can be great fun. Thanks to the A/Cs that shopping malls and stores in general have, you can do it heat-free. In Arizona, you will find one of the largest shopping malls, Scottsdale Fashion Center. It has great shops and for many, it’s a must-see tourist sight. 

Another great thing about Arizona, are stores famous for offering unique experiences and great customer service. For example, if you are in the mood to spend your money on some exquisite jewelry pieces or buy another type of Rolex while spending your summer in Scottsdale or Phoenix, you can visit the best local fine jewelry store called The Estate Watch & Jewelry Co. 

If you are more into sales, you can always research or ask locals which stores have summer sales while you are around. Summer is usually a bit of a slow period, so some stores might decide to speed it up with a good old sale. 

Food and drinks day and night

People of Arizona are accustomed to local weather of course. One of their secrets is knowing what to eat and drink to feel good when the temperatures are high. So, enjoying food and drinks at one of the local restaurants is a great way to spend a summer day in Arizona. 

Just be warned about spicy food. It’s often on the menus and it’s tasty. But, while some say it might be beneficial for you to eat hot food while the weather is hot, others argue that it might hurt you. 

As for the night, you can continue eating and drinking or grab a drink or two at one of many kinds of evening fun establishments: wine bars, beer gardens, nightclubs, etc. There’s something for everyone’s taste. 

Arizona is the home of the Grand Canyon and many other natural wonders. It’s also a place that loves its summer heat and thrives even in high temperatures. Locals are fighting them with great places to swim and/or relax, awesome shopping, and lovely food and drinks.