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2 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents


In recent years, the leading causes of car accidents have been behavioral factors. This includes alcohol-impaired driving and speeding. Car accident fatalities spike when you couple recklessness with the non-use of seat belts, as seen in the 2020 NHTSA report. This article covers the two most common causes of car accidents. 

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Speeding is the Most Common Behavioral Factor 

Speeding is the top of the three major behavioral factors causing car accidents. The other factors include alcohol-impaired driving and Reckless driving. 

In 2020, 29% of road accidents were attributed to speeding. Over the past two decades, a third of traffic road accidents resulted from speeding. 

Speeding, destructed driving, bad weather, and poor roads are the perfect regimen for a fatal traffic road accident. The bad news about speeding is it endangers your life, the traffic police life, and everyone on the same road as the speeding driver. 

Here’s what you don’t know about speeding:

  • Speeding predisposes the driver to loss of car control
  • Reduces your passenger’s effectiveness in utilizing the protective equipment
  • Increases the stopping distance when you perceive danger
  • Increases the magnitude of the severity in case of an accident
  • Poses an economic strain on repairing

If a speeding driver catches you up, let them through because their vehicle is at greater risk than yours. Also, give them enough space and adjust your response accordingly. If a speeding driver harasses you, you call the authorities.

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Distracted Driving 

Distracted is the second on the list of most causes of auto traffic road accidents. 

Distracted driving is when a driver is destructed by, say, work, phone usage while driving, chattering while driving, whether it’s to a passenger or over the phone, exhaustion, drunk driving, reckless driving, eating or drinking, entertainment, looking for something while driving,  and others. According to a 2017 crash report, destructed driving claimed 3142 lives in 2020. The baseline of resolving destructed driving is giving full attention to driving.

Look at this, If you read a text for 5 seconds without looking on the road while driving at 55 MPH, that’s like running through an entire football pitch without looking!

A Florida auto crash dashboard paints the grim reality of daily and yearly car accidents occurring in the state. Perhaps you or a loved one has been a victim of an auto crash. If that’s the case, you need to understand your rights as a victim and seek appropriate justice.

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