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15 Tasty (But Healthy!) Air Fryer Recipes



Here are 15 healthy air fryer recipes that are easy to make, healthy to eat and taste good to boot. Click the links for the recipe.

Air fryer blueberry bagels

Nothing beats homemade bagels, and your air fryer can do an amazing job of baking them for you in about half the time of an oven!

Air fryer quiche

A good quiche can not only be healthy and tasty, but it keep you full and satisfied until lunchtime.

Air fryer bacon

Cooking bacon in your air fryer is much healthier because you get that wonderful bacon texture without cooking it in its own fat. The fat drips away, and you’re left with only that meaty, bacon goodness. Psst … it works on turkey bacon, too!

Air fryer breakfast potatoes

These delicious potatoes give you all the flavor and texture of crispy outsides and soft insides that you would expect from breakfast potatoes, just without all the extra fat of pan cooking.

Air fryer Taco Bell Mexican pizza

Yep, you read that right. It’s all the delicious Taco Bell flavors without all the chemicals

It cooks up in minutes and is so much healthier!

Air fryer Huli Huli chicken

Enjoy the flavor of island breezes right in your own home kitchen with this quick and delicious chicken recipe!

Air fryer turkey burgers

Make a healthy turkey burger in half the time using your air fryer. It’s quick and easy, and you just add your favorite toppings to a whole-grain bun.

Air fryer ranch chicken thighs

If you love the flavor of ranch, these homemade ranch chicken thighs should definitely be on your dinner plate!

Air fryer apple fries

Baked apples are good, but air fryer apple fries are delicious! They make a great, portable and tasty snack for any time of day. The best part? They are guilt-free.

Air fryer sweet potato fries

If you don’t want the negative impact of regular french fries, try sweet potato fries instead! They are just as delicious with ketchup and are much healthier for you.

Air fryer chicken wings

Enjoy your chicken wings with a healthy side of veggies for a perfectly healthy dinner.

Air fried pork chops

Keep your pork chops lean and tasty by cooking them in your air fryer!

Air fried chicken breasts

These delicious, low-calorie chicken breasts cook to tasty perfection in your air fryer.

Air fried fish n’ chips

Yep! Even fish n’ chips can be healthy! And yes, you can make them in your air fryer!

Air fryer teriyaki chicken kabobs

These are delicious kabobs that are low in fat and high in flavor. Dinner will be on the table faster than you can make a quick side dish!


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