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15 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Cashews (+5 Delicious Cashew Recipes)


Now it’s time to read about the impressive health benefits of cashews, the hearty nut everyone loves so much! I’m sure you’re aware of the basic health benefits of cashews such as its anti-diabetic properties and the fact that it’s a brain-food.

But do you know the rest? Believe it or not, cashews are good for weight loss, treating bone injuries, lowering chances of respiratory diseases, and it’s a powerful anti-cancer agent. Rest assured, these are all science-backed benefits with precise and authentic evidence to support it. This super nut also helps ease muscle stiffness, increase energy production, and provide relief from gallstones and other metabolic diseases.

Before we proceed, you should know that eating too many cashews, on a daily basis, might cause constipation, due to its low-fiber content. So moderation is key in this situation.

1. Eating Cashews Daily Can Reduce Signs Of Diabetes

Due to its low sugar content and healthy cholesterol, cashews contain good sources of nutrients for diabetes prevention.

A study investigated the positive effect of cashew extract on diabetes, and proved that it helps in keeping blood sugar levels normal. The study also concluded that cashews regulate a normal insulin response to prevent extreme insulin resistance in the body.

Cashew nuts regulate blood sugar levels by improving the muscle cells response to it. In fact, it helps in the proper absorption of blood sugar in the cells.

Another study showed that a regular dose of cashew nuts can drastically lower fasting glucose levels and improve glycemic index of the body.

An independent research was conducted to test the effects of cashew nuts on reducing the risk of certain types of cancer. But this study also concluded that cashews have a powerful anti-diabetic effect on the body.

Key Takeaway: On the account of multiple studies, it can be said that cashews have effective anti-diabetic properties. It improves blood sugar absorption in the muscle cells, hence increasing energy and reducing fat buildup and abnormal insulin activity.

By JenReviews, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, June 3, 2017

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