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15 Health Benefits of Water Aerobics (+10 Tips for Beginners)

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Water aerobics is fast becoming a popular exercise trend among all age groups. Exercising in water is considered a therapeutic exercise, which has accelerated the uptake of water aerobics as mainstream exercise in different parts of the world.

Experts have investigated the advantages of water aerobics, and have found that this form of exercise accrues several benefits to all of those who participate in it. Benefits include strength and cardio building as well as promoting joint strength.

The following are some health benefits of water aerobics according to science, as well as helpful tips for beginners.

I. Water aerobics helps improve flexibility

Scientific studies show that water aerobics can help improve flexibility as the joints increase their range of motion when they adjust to the resistance of the water. Experts opine that water aerobics helps increase the range of motion of the joints especially in older individuals.

In addition, experiments done on the elderly, (individuals aged 60-82), show that aquatic exercise significantly increases their shoulder flexibility.

Studies also show that water based exercises are crucial in improving flexibility, and mobility in individuals suffering from either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

A study conducted on obese children in elementary school showed that aquatic exercises helped improve their flexibility when compared to the control group.

Bottom Line: Aquatic aerobic exercises help improve the flexibility and mobility of all individuals including those who suffer from obesity, RA, osteoarthritis, and the elderly.

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