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15 Health Benefits of Humidifiers (+How To Choose Right Humidifier)

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Humidifiers release water vapor or steam, which increases moisture levels into the air. When the humidity is high within a confined space, irritating conditions and health issues caused by dry indoor air are reduced.

These devices are ideal during winter where the risk of catching a cold is higher and indoor areas are heated. Warm weather and hot temperatures are the source of dry air production and it is under these climate conditions that sinus and respiratory issues arise.

There are certain humidity levels that a space has to be in to prevent certain problems, including the development of allergies and asthma. When one acquires a humidifier, they must be aware of what levels are appropriate for their situation and how to get the device to thoroughly maintain that level.

Each humidifier serves a specific purpose. It is recommended that you do the appropriate research prior to searching for the best one for your preferences and circumstances.

Health Benefits of Humidifiers

The main purpose of a humidifier is to add moisture to the air and to regulate the temperature of a room or household. When a living space has a moderate humidity level, those within in can be protected from nasal and sinus infections, respiratory issues, sleep irregularity, and inadequate oxygen levels. See below for the specifics in how a humidifier can prevent these problems.

1. Humidity Eases Congestions

The nose’s purpose is to clean the air that passes through it, providing as an option to breathing. When you are outside during the summer or inside when a heating system is on, you will be breathing in dry air or air that does not have moisture.

If you are inhaling dry air, mucus becomes thick, which causes stuffy noses in addition to agitated nasal passages, sore throat, and painful sinuses.

Some doctors compare the congestion of the nose with tears. If tears were thick and sticky, they would not flow as well. The same goes with mucus. Stuffed noses can make breathing difficult, but with mist from a humidifier, you will be able to breathe more easily as your sinuses are cleared.

Bottom Line: Inhaling dry air will cause mucus to thicken, resulting in congestion along the nasal area. To mobilize the mucus and clear the sinuses, doctors have suggested using a humidifier, which will moisten the nasal passages, making breathing easier.

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