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15 Health Benefits of Eating Meat (+5 Delicious Meat Recipes)

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Millions of people across the world are shunning meat, and turning towards a complete vegetarian diet. There are many reasons that are pushing people to become vegetarians. For many people, it is the conviction that meat causes many chronic illnesses including hypertension, cancer, and cardiovascular events. Research has also shown that vegetables have a significantly higher nutritional profile than meat.

In addition, several religions preach against the consumption of meat amongst their members. Other reasons people become vegetarians include a genuine concern for the animals’ welfare, as well as a concerted effort in taking care of our scarce environmental resources.

Despite the popularity of vegetarianism in this current age, it is important to point out that meat contains several nutritional elements that may not be as abundant in vegetables. A lack of certain nutrients that are mostly found in animal products can result in nutritional deficiencies and illness. It is thus imperative for people to focus on having a balanced diet where they can derive the benefits of eating both meat and plants.

Furthermore, when it comes to consumption of meat, moderation is essential. Avoid over-consumption of meat products in order to steer clear of chronic illnesses. It is also important to point out that unprocessed and lean meat products are the healthiest choices when it comes to meat selection.

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The following are some of the health benefits of meat, according to science, as well as some tasty meat recipes.

1. Meat is good for muscle health

Research has shown that meat is an excellent source of proteins that have important biological value. Meat contains high quality protein whose deficiency can result in the constant reduction of skeletal muscle, otherwise known as sarcopenia.

Scientists have proven that meat is an important source of iron, whose deficiency results in hampered muscle metabolism.

Meat is also a rich source of zinc, which is essential for muscle growth and repair, and the building of muscle mass.

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