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15 Health Benefits of Chai Tea (+5 Chai Tea Recipes)

Chai tea

Made from a combination of some of the most medicinally active herbs in the world, chai tea is a pungent, spicy, drink that is taken worldwide for its numerous health benefits and its warm, refreshing effect.

Though there are numerous chai tea recipes, a majority of which are Indian-inspired, there are however some basic ingredients of chai tea which include ginger, black pepper, black tea, clove, cardamom and cinnamon among other ingredients. All these ingredients have their own health benefits, meaning that chai tea overly has numerous health benefits. Here is a comprehensive list of 15 health benefits of chai tea according to science.

1. Boasts powerful antioxidants

Chai tea is packed with powerful antioxidants, which are widely known to play a crucial role in countering degenerative diseases attributed to aging.

Again, the black tea contained in chai tea is an incredibly powerful antioxidant that has been scientifically established to help with protecting the body against the harmful effects of free radicals and some types of cancers.

The ginger contained in this herbal tea provides the body with beneficial medicinal properties, and it is also associated with a wide array of health benefits as well.

Basically, chai tea has several ingredients that are well-known for being powerful antioxidants. For instance, piperine, which is basically the main active compound of black pepper, is a strong antioxidant whose role in countering oxidative stress and inflammation is well documented.

Bottom line

Drinking this herbal tea can be a refreshing way of giving your body plenty of antioxidants thus ensuring it is gaining a host of health benefits as a result.

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