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13 Health Benefits of Tai Chi (+8 Tips for Beginners)


Tai Chi is a form of martial arts practice that most people take up to increase balance, blood circulation, and body posture. Its low-impact range of motions alleviates high blood pressure and other heart problems. Plus, it’s a good anti-inflammation boosting workout for older adults.

Tai Chi makes use of moderate, but steady joints and muscle movements that puts very little pressure on the body. It’s all about balance, stability, and body coordination that enhances Tai Chi practice. The areas that Tai Chi targets are the arms, legs, shoulders, your core, and back. With that out of the way, Tai Chi is only practiced standing up so there’s healthy blood circulation and concentration.

For beginners, Tai Chi is an excellent practice to feel and look healthy. You can do them at home, outdoors, or in classes. It requires both concentration and flexibility to progress to more advanced moves.

That said, let’s look at Tai Chi’s most surprising health benefits that makes the practice more effective and interesting.

1. Tai Chi Can Relieve Weight Gain Problems For Most People

Even though Tai Chi is a noncompetitive martial art, its various defense techniques reduce stress and burn calories. Based on a scientific review, practicing Tai Chi is similar to walking at a moderate-pace. It burns the same amount of calories and when continued for weeks, can result in weight loss.

Combined with reduced stress and a healthy diet, Tai Chi is one of the healthiest ways to burn fat. Another important factor is that Tai Chi helps monitor high stress levels that are associated with weight gain. It reduces appetite for over-eating and positive influences weight management.

A study on Tai Chi combined with regular walking showed that it leads to increased energy expenditure. An accelerated energy expenditure level often causes better weight loss and fat burn. Based on many randomized trials evaluating over 360 participants, this study proves that implementation of Tai Chi on a regular basis leads to reduce body fat.

Also, energy expenditure also boosts metabolism which is effective for reducing body fat. According to some studies, reduced body fat often leads to loss of bone mineral density, but Tai Chi helps prevent loss of bone during exercise.

Key Takeaway: The ancient practice of Tai Chi has powerful weight loss benefits for adults. It helps burn calories, reduce hormonal stress, and increases bone mineral density. All these factors help reduce body fat in the healthy manner.

JenReviews, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, June 26, 2017

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