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12 Healthy Snacks to Take with You to the Office


Anyone who works at an office knows that it’s not easy to eat healthy all the time while at work. This is because there’s always a constant supply of treats loaded with trans fats, sugars, and other unhealthy ingredients available. And for most people, such treats can’t be avoided. So what can a person do?

Well, the best solution to this problem is for people to bring healthy snacks with them to work. Having such snacks on-hand will not only allow the person to stay focused and fueled, it will also help reduce the risk of reaching for unhealthy choices. Bringing snacks to the office can help a person keep his energy up no matter what situation he’s in. Even if there are temptations in the break room, if a person packs his own snacks, there’s a lesser likelihood that he would choose those snacks over his own.

Healthy snacks should have the right portions to make one feel satisfied and they should also be chosen wisely. That way, the person will feel full until his next meal of the day. In this article, we’ll go through some great options as well as other helpful information about office snacking. Read on!

Why Do Office Snacks Make People Fat?

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In any office environment, people tend to consume a lot of unhealthy snacks especially when they feel stressed. Office snacks, unhealthy as they are, have become a common office perk. But this doesn’t mean that we should eat a lot of these snacks just because they’re available and they come free. Therefore, if one wants to stay healthy even at work, then he should bring his own snacks to the office and eat them whenever he feels hungry.

A lot of times, hunger is influenced by a person’s psychology. For instance, one may think that he feels hungry when he’s feeling other emotions such as boredom, stress, happiness, fatigue, and more. And if the snacks are just sitting there in plain sight, then these people will just pick them up and start munching. But why do office snacks make people fat? Here are some possible reasons:

They’re Conveniently Located

There was a study done wherein they gave employees containers filled with chocolates then they took note of how many the employees ate. When the containers were on the desks of the employees, they consumed around 48% more than they did if the containers were placed far away from them. Also, when the chocolates were in transparent rather than opaque containers, the employees consumed about 2 more pieces each day.

This shows that reducing one’s snacking might actually be as easy as changing how the snacks are packaged and where they are located. In fact, this isn’t the only study done about the convenient location of snacks. Another study was done using M&Ms and healthy snacks. And then there was also another one done with water and sugary beverages. All these studies (and probably more out there) show that simply changing the location of the unhealthy snacks can encourage people in the office to choose healthier options. It’s definitely worth a try, isn’t it

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