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12 Habits To Keep Your Memory Sharp In Your 50’s


When you hit your 50s, your memory will start to decline. It’s an annoying sign of aging that can cause some anxiety. After all, isn’t memory loss a sign of dementia? Well, not everyone with memory loss will suffer from dementia, but that doesn’t make the issue any less concerning or annoying.

Rather than just putting up with it, you can help to prevent this sign of aging. There are steps that you can take right now (or even in your 50s and beyond) to keep your memory sharp and your reflexes sharper.

Here are 12 things that you need to do right now that will help to keep your memory sharp in your 50s.

Start Using Chopsticks

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If you don’t already, start using chopsticks to eat your meals. And not just when you order Chinese takeout or go out for sushi. Chopsticks require extra attention and brain power while engaging your nerve cells in stimulating your brain.

You’ll need to practice if you’re not used to them for any meals. Allow yourself to get used to the feel of them in your hand. There are plenty of YouTube videos now available to help you learn how to use chopsticks properly and eat with them for every meal. The more time it takes to practice, the better your brain power will be!

Chopsticks also have the ability to make you eat slower.This helps in other areas of aging, such as weight gain. Your metabolism slows down as you get older, so you don’t need to eat as much. By eating with chopsticks, you’ll find it easier to listen to your stomach and hunger needs.

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