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11 Practical Ways To Overcome Overeating (Infographic)


Overeating is, unfortunately, a modern-day epidemic. It can be caused by unruly emotions, a negative relationship with food, dieting behavior and pressure on yourself, family issues, stress and fear. In my own community, I’ve seen the pattern of overeating and binging increase dramatically in the past couple of years. Please know, you are not alone and follow these tips:

1. Remember that you can have more food later.

It takes 20 minutes to digest. So, tell yourself that if you’re still hungry after you’ve eaten and digested, you can go back for more. There’s no need to inhale your food, or eat everything right now.

2. Remove the fear around not having enough food.

Many people overeat because they believe there won’t be enough food for them. If this is the case in your house, ask the person who cooks to make more food, or takeover the cooking yourself. There are plenty of quick, easy recipes and budget-friendly grocery shopping tips on my blog.   Continue reading

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11 Practical Ways To Overcome Overeating


WomensHealth, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, May 31, 2018

Infographic by Positive Health Wellness

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