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10 Reasons to Love Summer Running (Infographic)

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Gone are the brutal days of winter and the unpredictable days of spring. Summer running is where it’s at. The long days and hot weather mean fewer layers and happier runners. So grab your shoes and hit your favorite road, route, or trail. It’s time to get sweaty! (And it won’t take very long!) Here are 10 reasons to love working up a sweat on the run this summer.

1. It’s light out when you wake up.

See ya later, dark o’clock morning runs! Now, when that too-early alarm sounds, the sun is actually waking up, too. Not having to run in the dark makes getting out of bed a whole lot easier. (Here are 7 Reasons to Run in the Morning, plus 10 Tips That’ll Help You Finally Become a Morning Runner.)

2. And it’s light out for the night runners, too.

Have no fear, the sun’s still here! Forget the days of leaving work and entering a world of darkness. Now, you can leave the office, go home and change, and get your run in—all while it’s still light out. (Consider these 6 Reasons to Run at Night.)   Continue reading

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10 Reasons To Love Summer Running


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