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10 Myths About Truck Drivers


A truck driver’s profession is rarely talked about and much less understood. The image of a truck driver is fairly misconstrued and deserves a thorough reality check. Let’s get the wheels rolling by shattering some common myths about truck drivers.

  1. Truck drivers are not paid well

Indeed there was a time when truck drivers had to survive on meager pays and allowances. But the industry standards have improved significantly over the years. Employers appreciate the fact that truck driving is a demanding job and requires skilled drivers.

Truck drivers require a Commercial Driving License as a basic qualification. Trained truck drivers get employed easily and are paid handsomely.

  1. Truck drivers don’t shower

One of the misconceptions about truck drivers that have stuck around for years is that truck drivers go on their journeys without daily showers. This notion might have held true ages ago when facilities on highways were limited. But today, modern conveniences located along the highways have transformed the travel conditions for truck drivers. There are many rest stops along the way where truck drivers can halt for a quick shower or washroom break.

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  1. Truck drivers don’t sleep for days

Did you assume that truck drivers go without sleep for 2-3 days straight? That would be rather naive of you! Not only is it unhealthy to avoid sleep for such long durations, but it is also absolutely unsafe to take on the road in such a condition. Truck drivers are on a schedule, no doubt. But their schedules always accommodate decent hours for rest and sleep.

  1. Anyone can qualify as a truck driver

Any Tom, Dick or Harry could drive a truck, is it? Absolutely not! We mentioned the Commercial Driving License earlier. The license requires a fair bit of training and skill.

Besides the professional qualification, truck drivers are also expected to have certain personal skills. Count on truck drivers to be disciplined, punctual and reliable. Truck drivers also need to have good intellect to handle advanced vehicles like DAF CF trucks. They need to have good reflexes and a presence of mind to tackle unexpected incidents on the road too.

  1. Truck drivers are not friendly

While most truck drivers develop a serious set of personal skills on-the-job, don’t regard them as unsociable just yet. Just because their job involves being on their own in the cockpit doesn’t mean that they don’t make friends in life. Truck drivers can be as fun-loving and friendly as anyone. As some Hollywood flicks aptly reveal, truck drivers do acquire many friends and acquaintances in the professional and personal arena.

  1. There’s no such concept as female truck drivers

Truck driving is a male-dominant profession, but not all truck drivers are men. Many women are comfortably taking up the role of commercial truck drivers and excelling in their profession. Equal pay and competitive opportunities on the job are attractive for career-oriented women. There are a fair number of capable women in the field, and the female truck drivers’ community is only expected to grow in the near future.

  1. Truck drivers are not well educated

We’ve revealed some hard facts about the level of professionalism in the truck driving profession. You may have already expected the notion about truck drivers being uneducated to be false. You’re quite right in believing so!

Let’s flash a headlight in this regard. Most truck drivers are well educated, and some young drivers also possess college degrees. Driving the latest commercial fleets can require some technical background and prowess too. Want to know about the latest commercial trucking fleets? Find out more about DAF trucks at www.Truck1.eu.

  1. Truck drivers are rash and reckless

In the past, some major road accidents have been reported involving commercial trucks. But you can’t assume all truck drivers are careless drivers.

When you pass a commercial vehicle on the highway, you’ll notice that most truck drivers follow strict discipline regarding lane driving and highway rules. They are well trained to maneuver large-sized vehicles while ensuring the safety of neighboring vehicles.

  1. Truck drivers are not the family-types

Truck driving is a demanding job. The drivers are required to be on the road for days. They have to spend time away from home quite a lot. But many of them have adorable families and look forward to coming back home to loved ones after their shifts. There are opportunities in the field that don’t require driving out of state or city. This way the truck drivers can come back home at the end of their local shift every day.

  1. A truck driver’s job is just about sitting behind the wheel

You suppose that truck drivers don’t lift their bum off the driver’s seat, do you? Turns out you’re wrong on this one. A truck driver’s job isn’t all about sitting behind the wheel only. There are a lot of physically demanding tasks that truck drivers need to handle. This includes loading and unloading the goods on the vehicle.  And don’t forget about the mental effort and concentration it takes to manage a commercial vehicle.