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? Do You Want to De-Stress? Get a Fish Tank!


Continuing studies prove more and more that fish tanks can reduce one’s stress and improve mental health. The US National Institutes of Health shares review findings that human interaction with fish in tanks can benefit overall wellbeing.

What are the benefits of owning a fish tank?

Think of tablets and capsules you take to nutritionally supplement your physical health. Well, you can consider having a fish as one type of supplement that fosters good health. To cite an example, one HAI (Human and Animal Interaction) controlled study reported on how live interactions with fish in tanks promoted the following health benefits:

  1. a decrease in stress levels among older adults who watched live fish in an aquarium
  2. an improvement in appetite among dementia sufferers who took their meals near an aquarium
  3. a decrease in anxiety levels among university students who watched a fish tank for 5 minutes before delivering their speech
  4. Owning a fish tank relaxes the body and mind and elevates mood levels.

Fish tank viewing provides a healthy and relaxing means of distraction from the stresses of daily life. There’s something about seeing the smooth glides of a fish in water along with live plants tilting wherever the soft waves go.

Observing fish life through transparent glass can give you hours of peace and quiet. Your mental faculties restore clarity. Meanwhile, your body loses the tension brought on by a day’s work as it eases into a comfortable position, watching your pet fish swim around the tank.

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Feel like getting a fish tank? Here are some tips.

  1. Small-sized tanks are good for newbies

The goal is to destress, not to add more. So don’t go overwhelming yourself with complicated and huge setups. Start small, maybe at 5-gallon sizes. However, you may go for larger sized beginner kits that make owning a fish tank easy for newbies.

  1. Choose fish that are easy to care for

Fish species are abundant. The seasoned pet owner has the liberty to choose just about any breed. But for beginners or busy people who want minimal care, choices should be among resilient and less delicate fish types. These would be the goldfishes, tetras, and some cichlids among others.

Remember to ask the pet shop staff which kinds of fish you can have together in one tank. Because some types like the Betta fish (otherwise known as fighting fish) can disrupt the peace in your fish tank.

  1. Prioritize necessities

Sometimes, you can get overly excited about setting up a fish tank. Just remember to focus on the necessities first. You can decorate and add optional accessories later on. Be as practical as you can be. And be as basic especially if you’re just starting out.

Know the full costs of essential equipment and supplies. Prepare for those expenses first. As time goes on and you get the hang of it, you can decide to put more investment in your fish tank.

Here are some items that should be on your priority list:

  • a good looking and good enough sized fish tank you’ll be looking at day in and day out
  • an aquarium filter system for maintaining cleanliness in your tank and for keeping your fish healthy
  • an air pump that will supply needed oxygen for your fish and any live plants
  • a cool and effective lighting for the health of your fish and for a greater viewing experience
  • a substrate and plants that your pet fish will love to live and swim around in.
  • an adorable fish that you’ll grow to love
  • a supply of fish food that’s absolutely essential to pet care