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Watch The Key West Wacky Regatta

Intrepid “mariners” tried to stay afloat in vessels made of thin plywood and duct tape Sunday afternoon, during the Schooner Wharf Minimal Regatta in Key West.

The offbeat regatta is a Memorial Day weekend tradition in the Florida Keys.

Rules of the event required each team to build a boat out of a single sheet of 4-by-8-foot plywood, two 8-foot-long 2-by-4s, a 60-yard roll of duct tape and a pound of fasteners.

Even caulking the boats was forbidden, though team costumes were encouraged.

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As a packed crowd of spectators cheered them on, the boats’, “designated captains” attempted to steer the regatta’s short course in the Key West Historic Seaport faster than their rivals — without overturning or sinking.

Standout entries included a miniature pirate ship with a mermaid figurehead anda tiny Titanic replica that quickly capsized. 

Prizes were awarded for the fastest boats, most creative designs, best paint jobs, best costumes and sportsmanship — as well as the dreaded “sinker” awards recognizing the least-seaworthy vessels.