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How to Improve Safety for Your Florida Construction Business


You are in the construction business, one of the most labor-intensive industries. Buildings, roads, and other establishments are part of the American economy, and they keep it thriving.

You need to think of measures to keep your Florida business protected, and this article will point you in the right direction.

Plan Ahead

To enhance the safety of your business, start with anticipating workplace accidents and other occurrences so you can plan. Get your staff in a brainstorming session. They’re best placed to tell you about the hazards they face. In a planning meeting, list all possible hazards they will likely face while carrying out their daily routines.

Workers should always be prepared with information on what to expect in their workplace. This alertness is key to helping prevent injuries and work-related accidents. Keep in mind that, in 2019, Rosenfield Injury Lawyers found that up to one-fifth of accident-caused workplace deaths happened on construction sites.

Onboard New Workers

Thorough onboarding of new workers and consistent on-job training programs will help them know what to avoid while on the construction site. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 60% of injuries at construction workplaces happen to workers in their first year of work.

Put a notice at the gate explaining the dress code. The supervisor must inspect every worker before they enter and ensure they’re appropriately dressed. They must wear hard hats and other headgear, ear protection devices, goggles, safety boots, and reflective clothing.

Train Your Workers

Working with metal products means dealing with fires and being exposed to high heat conditions. Your staff should be constantly trained on how to handle fire safely. One technique the steel experts use is normalizing, which involves holding a part of steel under extreme heat.

According to Blue Water Thermal, the high heat conditions applied to steel can reach up to 1700°F during normalizing. The air is then cooled to enhance the steel’s ferritic gains to ensure consistency. This process also relieves the internal stresses brought by processes such as quenching, welding, or casting.

Continual training gives workers confidence when carrying out their duties. When workers are confident about their work, they’ll deliver better, making your business more efficient and productive. Through mock sessions, trainers take your staff through different scenarios to see how they’d respond. The drills help them think ahead and come up with appropriate solutions.

This means they won’t be caught flatfooted should a similar situation occur. They’ll quickly make the right decisions, even under extreme pressure. Workers also feel valued knowing you care about their well-being. The drills also increase their confidence when handling different scenarios at the workplace.

Through training, workers are introduced to new technologies that improve the quality of their work. Better quality of work means less wastage of materials, which is good for your business.

Choose High-Quality Construction Materials

The construction sector is known to consume the highest volume of cement globally, thanks to its durability and sustainability. In fact, concrete comprises half of all building materials worldwide.

Concrete is cheaper than other materials such as steel or polymers. It also has superior fireproofing abilities than the other materials. Concrete also makes buildings cooler due to its high solar reflective index, making concrete buildings cooler than steel or glass ones. You’ll enjoy constructing with concrete in areas close to a water body as concrete buildings can withstand water corrosion for centuries since the material is waterproof.

You can improve the safety of your Florida business by using these helpful tips. By enhancing safety measures, your company will thrive in the long term.