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Fort Lauderdale Air Show Inspires Awe and Patriotism

The Fort Lauderdale Air Show is the second stop on the 2024 Air Dot Show Tour (https://air.show/), including future shows in Augusta, Georgia; Ocean City, Maryland; Orange County, New York; and Atlanta.

The Fort Lauderdale Air Show will also feature the Ghost Squadron, A-10 Thunderbolt II Demo Team, SOCOM Para-Commandos, Navy F-18 Rhino Demo Team, and the Red Bull Air Force, among others.

Ghost Squadron (https://polarisprogram.com/aviation/), America’s newest and most dynamic aerobatic jet team, consists of eight stunning aircraft — including the only MiG-29 operating in the U.S., three Alpha Jets, and a diamond formation of four L-39s. The Ghost Squadron’s mission is to inspire the next generation of aerospace enthusiasts and to raise funds and awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The squadrons have raised $250,000,00.00 to support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and eradicate childhood cancer.

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Ghost Squadron’s fleet of jets serves as a crucial training ground for astronauts, honing their crew resource management and navigation skills for space missions. The pilots of these jets are real-life superheroes! Patriotism is part of their DNA.

On Thursday we had the opportunity to meet firsthand members of the Polaris Program’s Ghost Squadron before the 2024 Fort Lauderdale Air Show. The squadron had just flown in from Lakeland, Florida. The 30-minute flight was exhilarating and addictive. “It’s the most comfortable place in the world,” claims Ghost #5’s commander, John Slickman.

When asked if he had a nickname for Ghost #5 he revealed, exclusively, that he does. He lovingly refers to her as Stella, to honor his wife’s late grandmother.

The Polaris Program's Ghost Squadron aerobatic jet team includes the only MiG-29 operating in the U.S., three Alpha Jets, and four L-39s. (Fort Lauderdale Air Show/Courtesy)
The Ghost Squadron aerobatic jet team will make its debut at the Fort Lauderdale Air Show this weekend. (Fort Lauderdale Air Show/Courtesy)

Slickman, Ghost #5 and all of the remarkable pilots will be making sure to thrill, delight and inspire you this weekend. Don’t miss it!


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