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Best Weed Strains of 2024 for All Types of Stoners: Indica, Sativa & Hybrids

By Joyce J. Chichester


A wise person once said, “It’s 420 somewhere.”

Weed o’clock is at different times, and looks like different things for everyone. Maybe you want to rev up and spend the evening on video games, enjoy a movie, or invite a bunch of friends over for a party. 

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No matter what floats your boat, we’ve got you covered. We found the best weed strains from the top seed brands, with our overall winner being Blue Dream from Seed Supreme. 

Stay with us as we explore more about Blue Dream and other top strains of 2024!

Best Weed Strains: First Look

The best weed strains include both Cannabis sativa and indica strains, alongside hybrid strains. They typically have a higher THC percentage, are enjoyable for both medical and recreational purposes, and have pleasant flavor profiles. 

Uplifting yet soothing Blue Dream is our overall winner out of these cannabis strains. 

1. Blue Dream – Best Weed Strain Overall


  • Delicious blueberry flavor and aroma
  • Balanced effects 
  • Bred from two celebrated cannabis strains
  • Easy to grow 
  • Can produce 600 grams per square meter (gsm)


  • Beginners may find Blue Dream too potent

Benefits and Effects – 4.9/5

Blue Dream, an energizing and relaxing hybrid of sativa and indica strains, is the best weed strain overall. With broad popularity, many stoners, casual tokers, and people in need of medicinal benefits enjoy Blue Dream. 

Myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene are the main terpenes, aromatic chemical compounds that affect flavor and therapeutic effects. 

Myrcene is a sleep-inducing, soothing terpene linked to “couch-lock”. It may also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties [1]. Pinene can support sleep in insomnia and may have mood-lifting, cognitive-enhancing properties [2].  

THC Potency – 4.9/5

Blue Dream often clocks in at an impressive 25% THC content, but is generally at least 15-20%.  

Flavor & Aroma – 4.9/5

Blue Dream features a wonderful aroma and flavor resembling fresh blueberries. 

Flowering Time 4.9/5

With a nine-week flowering time, Blue Dream is relatively fast. 

Growing Difficulty – 4.9/5

Blue Dream is an easy, durable strain, although it’s best to grow indoors if weather conditions are unstable. Seed Supreme’s Blue Dream also comes feminized, so you don’t need to worry about pollination. 

Where Can You Buy Blue Dream

Seed Supreme boasts a feminized Blue Dream as a bestseller. 

Seed Supreme is a high-quality, secure seed store with over 1500 different strains, including award-winners; germination guarantees; and free seeds with your order. 

>>Check the best deals for Blue Dream at Seed Supreme here 

2. Godfather OG – Beginner-Friendly Weed Strain 


  • High THC content of up to 25%
  • Popular for stress relief  
  • Combination of soothing and uplifting terpenes
  • Yields up to 23 ounces of bud per plant
  • Highly pest-and disease-resistant


  • Beginners may find it too potent

Benefits and Effects – 4.9/5

Among the best weed strains of ILGM is Godfather OG, an Indica-dominant hybrid. Many users describe a relaxed, sleepy feeling alongside euphoria. 

Godfather OG’s sedative properties are thanks to calming myrcene. Additionally, caryophyllene may be anti-inflammatory, and cell-protective, and may clear a foggy mind [3]. Upbeat limonene can lift mood and increase serotonin and dopamine in some people [4].  

THC Potency – 4.9/5

Godfather OG has an average THC potency of 25%, but yours may range from 16-30%. 

Flavor & Aroma – 4.8/5

Enjoy a mix of spicy, bitter, and slightly sweet flavors and aromas.  

Flowering Time – 4.8/5

With an average flowering time between seven and 12 weeks, Godfather OG can deliver quality buds fast. 

Growing Difficulty – 4.9/5

Godfather OG is highly versatile, growing well inside or outside. It’s also mold-resistant and comes with easy-to-follow germination instructions. 

Where Can You Buy Godfather OG

Godfather OG is available from ILGM, a user-friendly, discreet seed bank. Their guides help you get the most out of your cannabis plants. 

>>Check the best deals for Godfather OG at ILGM here 

3. Strawberry Cough -Energizing Weed Strain for Focus


  • Fun strawberry aroma
  • Award-winning strain
  • Feel focused and energized 
  • Uplifting high
  • Yields up to 14oz per plant outdoors, or 14oz per square meter inside


  • Cultivation is not beginner-friendly

Benefits and Effects – 4.9/5

Our favorite weed strain from the Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the heritage Strawberry Cough, an uplifting sativa-dominant plant. 

Strawberry Cough gives some users a focused and energetic feeling alongside relaxation. It features caryophyllene as its main terpenoid, with some CBD and a slightly lower THC content.

THC Potency – 4.8/5

Strawberry Cough contains up to 23% THC, with the typical range from 15-20%. 

Flavor & Aroma – 4.9/5

Like its name, Strawberry Cough has a uniquely sweet flavor described as resembling fresh strawberries. There are also herbal and cedar notes with skunk undertones. 

Flowering Time – 4.8/5

Strawberry Cough has a flowering time of 10-12 weeks. 

Growing Difficulty – 4.5/5

Although these seeds are feminized and give you a high yield, Strawberry Cough is not the most beginner-friendly strain. 

Where Can You Buy Strawberry Cough

You can get Strawberry Cough seeds from the Homegrown Cannabis Co. They provide detailed info on germinating and growing their seeds and a wide range of in-house genetics with hundreds of different strains. 

>>Check the best deals for Strawberry Cough at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. 

4. Purple Punch F1 FAST – Fast-Growing Weed Strain  


  • FAST seed strain allows for shorter flowering times 
  • Deeply relaxing 
  • High mold resistance 
  • Yields up to 600gsm inside, and 750g per plant outside


  • F1 plants are not recommended for breeding

Benefits and Effects – 4.9/5

Purple Punch F1 FAST is one of the best weed strains from Seedsman. As an indica-dominant strain, many find deeply relaxing properties thanks to an impressive THC content. 

Its dominant terpenes are limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and linalool. While limonene and beta-caryophyllene can be uplifting, linalool may relieve stress and anxiety [5]. 

THC Potency – 4.9/5

Purple Punch F1 FAST has an impressive lab-verified 27% THC potency, but your results may vary. 

Flavor & Aroma – 4.7/5

Fruit and fuel notes dominate the flavor profile and a creamy finish accompanies them. 

Flowering Time – 4.9/5

As a fast strain, you can expect a short seven to nine weeks’ flowering time. 

Growing Difficulty – 4.8/5

As a high-yield, feminized strain with significant mold resistance, Purple Punch F1 FAST should be relatively easy. 

Where Can You Buy Purple Punch F1 FAST

You can find Purple Punch F1 FAST from Seedsman. As one of the first in the cannabis industry to offer seeds for commercial sale, their cannabis strain catalog is top-quality. 

>>Check the best deals for Purple Punch F1 FAST at Seedsman here 

5. Sour Garlic x Honey Banana –  Unique Flavor Profile


  • Unique sweet, tangy flavor with a hint of garlic
  • Energizing high 
  • Moderate THC levels
  • Comedown is described as gentle 
  • Honey Banana genes make it easy to grow


  • It may not suit indoor cultivation or cold climates 

Benefits and Effects – 4.9/5

Sour Garlic x Honey Banana is a hybrid strain with a unique, intricate flavor profile that may impress your friends. 

Made from two rare strains, its citrus, sweet banana, and garlic notes are not your usual experience. You will likely experience a mood-lifting and focused sensation. 

Limonene, nerolidol-2, and myrcene dominate Sour Garlic x Honey Banana’s terpene profile. 

Limonene’s serotonin and dopamine-enhancing properties may create an energizing effect. Dopamine can provide you with a motivation boost when something requires effort and supports motor function [6]. 

THC Potency – 4.5/5

Honey Banana has a 21% THC potency with 1% CBG, but your results may vary. 

Flavor & Aroma – 4.7/5

Sour Garlic x Honey Banana gives a creamy, sharp smoke and a fruity yet spicy aroma. 

Flowering Time – 4.7/5

You can expect a flowering time of around 9-10 weeks. 

Growing Difficulty – 4.5/5

Sour Garlic x Honey Banana is relatively easy to grow in warm, sunny outdoor conditions with plenty of airflow and space. It may be a little more challenging if you live in a cold climate and must replicate this inside. 

Where Can You Buy Sour Garlic x Honey Banana?

You can find Sour Garlic x Honey Banana from DNA Genetics. Their extensive range of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains includes exclusive and unreleased types you can access through the Seed Vault Club. 

>>Check the best prices for Sour Garlic x Honey Banana at DNA Genetics 

6. Special Queen 1 – Relaxing Strain for Racing Thoughts


  • Soothing myrcene content
  • Award-winning strain 
  • Three euros or less per seed with larger orders
  • Can tolerate colder conditions 
  • Low-maintenance, suitable for soil and hydroponic setups


  • Skunky aroma may not be pleasant to everyone

Benefits and Effects – 4.8/5

Special Queen 1 may be among the best weed strains for racing thoughts and feeling anxious, thanks to its head high. 

As a hybrid of Skunk and Power Bud, it can be both uplifting and relaxing for anxious users. 

Myrcene, a key terpene in the skunk family, may act as a sleep aid. Its couch-lock effects support Special Queen 1’s reputation as giving a physically relaxing, long-lasting, and potent high

THC Potency – 4.5/5

Special Queen 1 has an expected THC potency of around 18%. 

Flavor & Aroma  – 4.5/5

Special Queen 1 has a heavy skunk component, but it’s also fruity and earthy. 

Flowering Time – 4.8/5

You can expect flowers to appear in eight or nine weeks. 

Growing Difficulty – 4.7/5

Special Queen 1 is beginner-friendly but needs a little more space, as it reaches 1.5m (five feet) indoors. 

Where Can You Buy Special Queen 1

Special Queen 1 is available from Royal Queen Seeds. They provide a large number of hybrid strains and helpful information on medical marijuana. 

>>Check the best deals for Special Queen 1 here 

7. Grandmommy Purple – Couch-Lock Queen Supreme


  • Strong indica-dominant strain 
  • High resin content for vaporizing
  • Can grow both indoors and outdoors
  • Compact 40-140cm plants
  • Can flower in just nine weeks


  • Some may find it overpowering 

Benefits and Effects – 4.8/5

Grandmommy Purple delivers sticky, dense buds described as an “ecstatic must-have.” True to its name, Grandmommy Purple is famous for putting you straight to bed under a thick blanket of purple smoke. 

While cannabis in general may significantly relieve insomnia, THC is the main player in this benefit. It can support the deep sleep phase often affected in insomnia cases [7]. 

With a strong full-body sedative effect, Grandmommy Purple could help if you have trouble falling and staying asleep. 

THC Potency – 4.8/5

Grandmommy Purple has one of the strongest THC potencies, at 28-33%. 

Flavor & Aroma – 4.8/5

Like grandma’s freshly-baked desserts, you can expect fruity and berry notes, with pungent flavors thanks to its terpene profile. 

Flowering Time – 4.9/5

Grandmommy Purple will start to develop flowers in around nine weeks, or 60-65 days. 

Growing Difficulty – 4.8/5

With feminized seeds that can grow both inside and outside, Grandmommy Purple isn’t too hard to grow. However, trimming fan leaves is recommended to boost yields. 

Where Can You Buy Grandmommy Purple

Grandmommy Purple is available at Herbies Seeds. With over 20 years of experience and more than 1500 strains of the cannabis plant, they offer diversity and expertise. 

>>Check the best deals for Grandmommy Purple at Herbies Seeds here 

8. Acapulco Gold – Get Your Creative Juices Flowing 


  • Citrus Sativa dominant strain 
  • No heavy sedative effects 
  • Strong euphoric high 
  • Beautiful golden color
  • Yields up to 600gsm


  • Some learning curve required for beginner cannabis farmers

Benefits and Effects – 4.8/5

Last but not least, Acapulco Gold is the best weed strain for creativity. This cannabis sativa-dominant plant has more energizing effects, alongside stimulating effects that may promote a state of flow. 

If its shimmering gold and green didn’t already inspire you, its terpenes might.

Acapulco Gold contains dopamine-protective caryophyllene, uplifting limonene, and cognition-enhancing carene. The lesser-known carene may increase levels of major neurotransmitters involved in brain function [8]. 

THC Potency – 4.7/5

Acapulco Gold can contain 20-24% THC, making it potent but not too overpowering. 

Flavor & Aroma – 4.8/5

Acapulco Gold starts with an earthy pine aroma, alongside sweet and citrus notes. You may also sense coffee and spicy flavors. 

Flowering Time – 4.8/5

You can expect buds to arrive in 8-10 weeks. 

Growing Difficulty – 4.4/5

At a moderate difficulty level, Acapulco Gold is less beginner-friendly. It’s still possible to master the learning curve. 

Where Can You Buy Acapulco Gold

MSNL Seeds stocks Acapulco Gold, including feminized seeds. They offer 25 years of experience, grow guides, and a germination guarantee. 

>>Check the best deals for Acapulco Gold at MSNL Seeds here 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Weed Strains

Different weed strains have varying physical characteristics and wild variations in flavor, psychoactive effects, and potential health benefits. 

Cannabinoid and Terpene Composition

Cannabis strains differ by their cannabinoid and terpene profiles. As most strains are hybrids, the terms “sativa strains” and “indica strains” typically refer to their effects. 

Upbeat Cannabis sativa-type strains often have more limonene and pinene. Popular strains for a relaxing body high are described as indica plants and are generally higher in myrcene. 

Hybrids like Blue Dream or Godfather OG give you a combination of relaxed, sleepy psychoactive effects and euphoric, energizing effects.  

Medicinal Properties

Many people choose cannabis strains solely for their potential medicinal purposes. For example, people with chronic pain may choose high-THC strains. 

CBD-dominant strains may soothe inflammation, while myrcene-rich indica strains are commonly used for insomnia or anxiety. 

Aroma and Flavor Profiles

While cannabis plants may look similar, their seemingly infinite range of flavor profiles has contributed to a large number of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. 

Different cannabis strains may feature fruity, spicy, citrus, or pine notes, with certain strains even sporting cheese, coffee, garlic, or vanilla flavors.

Desired Effects and Experiences

The effects of each strain can make or break your experience. 

For example, couch-lock-inducing strains are best suited to a movie night, while energizing strains are better for game nights or dance parties. 

Grandmommy Purple is one of our recommendations for relaxation, while you can get your party on with Strawberry Cough. 

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews give a complete picture of each strain. Flavor, high, and duration are typically described. When shopping for seeds, reviews will also explain their difficulty level and unique needs. 

However, it’s important to watch out for bogus AI reviews, which often sound repetitive, generic, and excessively positive without detail. 

>>Check the best deals for Blue Dream at Seed Supreme here 

Indica vs. Sativa: What’s the Difference?

Seed banks sell a range of indica and sativa strains alongside hybrid strains. 

Indica-dominant strains are relaxing and sedative, and may even create the couch-lock effect. Grandmommy Purple is a potent example. 

Sativa-dominant strains are uplifting and energizing, such as Acapulco Gold. Hybrid strains, like Blue Dream, contain qualities of both. 

High THC vs. High CBD Strains: Which Is Right for You?

In this article, we’ve focused on cannabis strains with high THC levels because the most popular strains are sought after for their psychoactive effects. They’re great for chill sessions with friends or decompressing after a long day. 

However, you may prefer high-CBD medicinal cannabis strains instead. These may be anti-inflammatory, provide pain relief, and soothe issues such as anxiety and insomnia without affecting your ability to work. 

Popular Weed Strains and Their Effects

The most popular strains have relaxing, focus-boosting, and pain-relieving effects. 

Best Weed Strains for Relaxation and Stress Relief

The most popular strains among cannabis users are those with relaxing properties such as Grandmommy Purple and Blue Dream. These are myrcene-rich, high-THC strains with moderate Cannabis indica dominance.   

Best Weed Strains for Creativity and Focus

If a cannabis strain that benefits creativity and focus is more your thing, focus on terpenes that boost “happy” brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. 

Strawberry Cough and Sour Garlic x Honey Banana are known for their energizing effects. 

Best Weed Strains for Pain Management and Medical Use

If you have chronic pain, you may want to avoid heavy indica strains with a couch-lock effect. 

Acapulco Gold, an 80% sativa strain, is claimed to calm pain and inflammation. Variants of strains such as Blue Dream with more anti-inflammatory CBD are also available. 

Unique and Rare Weed Strains to Try

Impress your friends with unique and rare weed strains, including: 

  • Oaxacan Highland, popular in the 60s and 70s among the OG hippies.
  • Panama Red, another retro darling with red accents
  • Citrussy Freakshow, named for its unusual leaves
  • Sour Garlic, with an aroma of, well, garlic
  • Ducksfoot is a true blue Aussie strain that does best in warmer, dry climates. Its odd leaves make it wonderfully discreet. 
  • Royal Cheese, with an unusual cheesy flavor 
  • Chocolate Haze, which requires a tight balance of terpenes to create its aroma. 
  • Royal CBG Automatic has an unusual vanilla flavor. 

>>Check the best deals for Blue Dream at Seed Supreme here 

Tips for Growing Your Own Weed 

Growing your own weed may feel like a daunting task. However, beginner-friendly strains and the right advice can set you up for success: 

  • Consider whether you want to grow your crop inside or outside. Indoor crops need lighting and temperature control, but outdoor plants are more likely to be eaten by pests. 
  • Source seeds from trustworthy seed banks like Seed Supreme and choose feminized seeds to avoid pollination.
  • Try germinating on a wet paper towel before transplanting the seedlings 
  • As a general rule, bluish-white light and longer lighting periods (18 hours) are best for the vegetative stage. Warmer light and shorter (12-hour) lighting periods are better for flowering. 
  • Read nutrient requirements for each strain carefully, as some may need more or less of certain minerals. 
  • Regularly monitor the pH of your soil or hydroponic system to ensure it’s right for your strain. 
  • Use fans, an AC unit, a heater, or a dehumidifier to keep temperature and humidity within your strain’s required ranges. 

How We Chose the Strongest Strains of Weed

When we researched the best weed strains, potency, yield, and other factors were essential considerations. 

THC Content and Potency

Higher THC contents mean, well, a stronger high. We looked for weed seed suppliers who could deliver potent strains such as Godfather OG. This Indica-dominant plant features an expected THC content of 25%.  


Chances are you have limited space to grow your weed. High-yield strains give you more bud for less space and look luscious when growing. Acapulco Gold, for example, has an average yield of 600gsm. 

Flowering Time

The flowering time measures how long it takes for your plants to sprout buds. Shorter flowering times mean faster harvests. Purple Punch F1 FAST can start flowering in 7-9 weeks. 

Ease of Growth

Whether you’re a beginner or busy, ease of growth is important. Nutrient requirements, light exposure, and water needs should be straightforward. They should also be considerably disease-resistant. 

Germination Guarantee

The best weed strain suppliers will have a germination guarantee. Not all seeds will sprout, but these ensure that at least a certain number of seeds will germinate or you can request a refund. 


Here are the most frequently asked questions about the best weed strains and how to find them. 

What Is the Best Strain of Weed to Get?

Overall, our favorite weed strain is the relaxing Blue Dream. However, there is no “best” weed strain, as everyone has different preferences, health needs, and growing skills. 

Which Weed Strains Are Known for Socializing?

Uplifting, sativa-dominant strains are best for lively conversation and fun party vibes such as Acapulco Gold. You may also want something super unique to show off, like Sour Garlic x Honey Banana. 

What Is the Most Pure Weed Strain?

Years of cross-breeding make “pure” weed strains hard to find. Grandmommy Purple is 80% indica-dominant, however. 

What Weed Strain Is Best for Focus?

Strawberry Cough is our favorite weed strain for focus as it may gently enhance dopamine levels. 

What Makes a Weed Strain Strong?

The intoxicating strength of weed strains comes from their THC content, but some terpenes help out depending on your preferred effects. CBD doesn’t get you high, however, but may add to health benefits. 

Are There Any Weed Strains Suitable for Beginners?

Godfather OG may be suitable for beginners, as it holds up in a range of conditions and is significantly mold-resistant. You will get detailed growing instructions if you buy it from ILGM. 

What Is the Best Weed in 2024?

Our overall favorite weed strain is the soothing Blue Dream. If you prefer energizing highs, Strawberry Cough is a fantastic sativa-dominant strain. 

Are There Any Weed Strains With Minimal Side Effects?

We recommend gentler weed strains with a moderate THC content or higher CBD levels, or sativa-dominant varieties. 

What Are the Best Weed Strains for Anxiety Relief?

Special Queen 1 is one of the best weed strains for anxiety relief thanks to its myrcene content and high THC levels. 

Final Thoughts 

The wonderful world of weed has exploded into thousands of strains as the cannabis industry gains acceptance. 

Whether pain relief, other medical conditions, recreational purposes, or an energizing effect you just can’t get with alcohol appeals to you the most, there’s something for everyone. 

However, it’s essential to buy from high-quality seed banks and research the effects, flavor, and growing conditions of a cannabis strain first. 

We love Seed Supreme and ILGM for their extensive seed banks and quality service, including the Blue Dream and Godfather OG strains. Remember to consume responsibly and have fun!


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