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Zoey Meets “Snowflake” Thanks To Make-A-Wish Southern Florida (Video)

Zoey meets Snowflake

Zoey is an 11-year-old girl from Miami that has been struggling with cancer. On top of the issues she’s had this year fighting the deadly disease, her beloved dog passed away. So, when Make-A-Wish Southern Florida offered the opportunity for her to make any wish, the choice was an obvious one . . . she wanted a French Bulldog puppy that she would name “Snowflake.”

Fast forward to last month and Zoey was finally healthy enough to meet her new friend. You can see their first meeting on this amateur video:

Zoey’s mom reports that her daughter takes care of Snowflake as if the dog were a real baby, dressing her up and keeping her on a bathing and bedtime schedule. The puppy seems to understand Zoey’s mood and emotions and is there snuggle and kiss the young cancer fighter when treatments are difficult. Zoey, for her part, seems to enjoy being the caregiver instead of always being the one attended to.

Meanwhile the short video has, we believe, become the most watched in Make-A-Wish history (including all chapters worldwide). In the month or so since it was initially posted on the Southern Florida chapter’s Facebook page, it has been watched nearly four million times, been liked by 358,000 people, generated 9,300 comments, and been shared 34,000 times. It seems to have struck a nerve on social media for the sweetness of a young girl and her furry best friend connecting for the first time.