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You Can Now Check Your Mosquito Forecast




We despise the tiny, evil bloodsuckers, but what if we could know ahead of an event or gathering how intense the mosquito to human ratio would be?

A forecast, if you will. A prognostication.

We need someone or something to enter the mind of the mosquito and suss out its future plans so that we may batten the hatches (as if battened hatches ever stopped the little monstrosities) and not make ourselves even more of a meal than we intend.

But who? How?

Well, apparently Google Earth Engine and SE Johnson are the first defense against bloodthirsty mosquito attacks.

They’ve created a real live mosquito forecast!

And it can be super helpful for the planning of all our summer activities. I mean, here in Texas, we have to make sure the small children and pets are tied down to cinder blocks so they won’t get carried away by our pterodactyl sized mosquitoes. If we could use a forecast tool to know the enemy just a bit better, you’d best believe we will make use of it.

Humidity, moisture and heat are the three magic ingredients in a mosquito’s favorite conditions, and the Off!Cast Mosquito Forecaster measures these conditions as well as the mosquito life cycle to build a projection of mosquito density in a specific area at any given time.

A night with friends outside, and you don’t need to be dipped in insect repellant first? You can now plan events around the ebb and flow of the mosquito population.

It’s actually pretty amazing. Type in your zip code and get your forecast here.

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