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The Women’s Rally In Miami’s Bayfront Park (Photos & Video)

Photo: Ardy Friedberg
Photo: Ardy Friedberg

A standing room only crowd estimated at 10,000 people rallied at Miami’s Bayfront Park on Saturday afternoon to protest the radical changes Donald Trump’s election threatens, and vow to fight for women’s and human rights.

“Stand with DC, Women’s Rally in South Florida,” featured two dozen speakers, ranging from the American Civil Liberties Union to the Seminole Tribe of Florida to the National Organization for Women who stirred the sun-baked audience with exhortations to continue the struggle for reproductive rights, LBGTQ rights, voting rights and other programs Trump says he will eliminate that will be setbacks for women and minorities. Speakers decried Trump’s threats to cut Medicare, Medicaid and repeal the Obamacare.

But the general tone, while exuberant and combative, was positive, urging women to participate in politics, speak out for equal pay and support climate change legislation and other causes that effect everyone.

Photo: Ardy Friedberg

The crowd responded by cheering and waving signs and banners maligning Trump and his plans. One sign read, “Trump is Putin US at Risk,” “Keep your tiny hands off my p—-y, “ and many others referred to his alleged predatory attacks on women.

The crowd, that stood in orderly lines for up to two hours, was so large that hundreds were unable to enter that park for the four-hour event. Loud speakers were positioned so that people outside the amphitheater were able to hear the program.

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