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Whopping Legal Bills Rock Plantation City Hall


Broward County Commissioners last week stopped the sheriff’s purchase of a $10 million helicopter because they didn’t have enough information on why it was needed.

“I want to see more details,” Commissioner Michael Udine said. His fellow commissioners agreed.

Donald Lunny Jr.: Legal bills under fire

Meanwhile, over in Plantation the atmosphere was different. Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic opposed any questioning of a whopping $450,000 legal bill from City Attorney Donald Lunny Jr.

For years Bendekovic has been bizarrely glued to Lunny. She rebukes anyone who dares question his work.

Faith Based Events

The Lunny family’s 42-year hold on the Plantation City Attorney’s job is unique.

Donald Lunny was named city attorney in 1975. Lunny Jr. became City Attorney when his father retired in 1992.

That’s more than four decades of Lunnys!