What’s A Dunnage Rack: Materials, Prices, Key Benefits

If you own a business such as a restaurant or any other type of food establishment and still don’t know what is a dunnage rack, it is time to discover basics of this equipment for commercial kitchens.

Proper storing of products and goods off the ground is the key function of a stainless steel rack. In AmGoodSupply, you will find the category of dunnage racks and other types of inexpensive, durable, and highly resistant to different factors equipment crucial for safe goods storing. You will be amazed at how such tools will facilitate and promote quicker and safer processes of food preparation, eliminating all risks associated with non-compliance with food safety code.

After all, if during an inspection, an expert notices that you do not store food correctly, you will lose your loyal clients. Therefore, it is forbidden to keep bulk or perishable products in boxes on the floor. So a rack is your solution to this issue.

Stainless steel dunnage rack for maximum efficiency

Coming in plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel, such a rack can meet all your commercial needs. Knowing of what is a dunnage rack used for, you may think if you really need to invest in such equipment, the price of which varies from 40 to 200 dollars for one product. The following reasons will help you to make the right decision.

Great for different environments. Walk-in freezers also need a competent space organization. Made of stainless steel racks for storing goods is suitable for usage in a damp environment as it can withstand both heat and low temperatures. This way, you can add extra space in coolers or even warehouse areas.

  • Moved around easily. Dunnage rack a great choice for really busy commercial kitchens providing a solid, sturdy, and stable base for any product type. So, you ensure yourself a quick and simple cleaning procedure.
  • Safe for food. Stainless steel restaurant equipment completely eliminates all risks associated with other material types (plastic or aluminum), as it is not prone to corrosion, rusting, bending, and other damages.
  • Slotted tops. If you seek a solution for perishable goods, then always choose a rack with slotted tops. Providing air circulation, it will prevent spoilage of food. For other products that are non-perishable, invest in racks with a solid surface.
  • Ensure flexibility. It will be possible to organize space for storage not only for products but all equipment for maximum efficiency of your restaurant performance.

Be careful when picking a dunnage rack. Pay attention to price, length, width, height, material, and capacity. There are also products with adjustable leveling feet, mobile racks with an option to move from room to room during washing procedure or inventory checks, and racks for more humid environments.