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What You Want in Your Rental Car Agreement

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Whether you’re on vacation or need a temporary vehicle to drive, renting a car will help you get around. You will need to sign a rental agreement at the car rental dealership to drive the vehicle off the lot. But before you sign anything, you’ll want to make sure that your rental agreement has specific details that will benefit you.

The Fundamentals of a Rental Agreement

Every dealership uses a separate rental agreement that specifies different aspects. The available items featured in a rental agreement are the car’s details, the name of the company, the start and end date of the deal, your info, and the fees that may apply if the car is lost or damaged. The terms of these agreements depend on the area and state, but these fundamental things are important to focus on if you want the best deal between yourself and the company.

A Broad Scope of Use

The scope of use refers to the intended purpose of the vehicle you’re renting. Most of the time, the car’s range of use is driving or transportation, but there are times when you need to specify if you’re using the vehicle for transport of items, how many people will use it, or if you’re using the car for your next big event. When reading over the rental agreement, you want it to include a broad scope of use so that you won’t have multiple restrictions when driving the car. Numerous restrictions may lead you to break rules you were unaware of, leading to additional fees.

Look for the Lowest Fees

Rental companies have multiple fees that come into play when you damage a car or lose the keys. Read your rental agreement thoroughly to ensure you understand all the conditions that could lead you to incur a potential fee. You’ll want a rental agreement with only a few low costs and fees; this ensures you will only pay a meager amount of money if you have an unexpected incident.

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Specific Details of the Vehicle

Whether it is a luxury vehicle or a common commercial car, the car you choose to rent will have specific details that you need to be aware of. These specs include things such as fuel, age, history, and model brand, all of which will be listed on the agreement. It’s wise to have as much information as possible about the vehicle you intend to rent. Make sure the rental agreement provides thorough details regarding the top speed, past owners, or instances of repairs.

Renting a car requires you to focus on the essential details. When you rent your car, read the fine print so that you know what to expect before signing the agreement.