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What is an Electronic Communication Network (ECN) in Forex Trading?


Forex involves the buying and selling of currencies. You either need to find the right buyer or seller for your currency for it to work. You often find yourself interacting with buyers and sellers from different parts of the world, and you need to get a broker to help. To assist you with this is a digitized system called an electronic communication network (ECN).

What Is ECN?

ECN is a digital system used to connect buyers and sellers when there are different demographics. It does that in the shortest time possible and makes trading more convenient for someone who might want to give up trading or wants to get into the business of trading. Since it connects buyer and seller directly, it counts out the end for a third party, which means you get to be anonymous even as you make your sales.

How to get ECN

The main reason people use ECN is how convenient it is to use. There is no delay period, and you connect directly with the buyer or seller in question. One of the things people need to know is which broker has ECN? While not all brokers have ECN, most have adopted it due to its conveniences. All you have to do is look up with services a broker has and how they plan to connect you to a seller or buyer. That way, you get to know whether the broker will work for you or if you should get another broker on board.

What you need to know about ECN brokers

One of the things you will realize when using a broker is that they are not like every broker you get dealing with forex. Their main role is to connect you to potential sellers or buyers. While you could choose to look for the buyer yourself, using a broker means you get to reduce the fees you will use to make a transaction. If you are starting, you should use a broker.

Benefits of ECN

There are various benefits of using ECN brokers, and knowing about them means you can make better choices. Here are the main perks of ECN

  • It is fast
  • It makes anonymous transactions
  • It gives clear figures on the prices of commodities