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What Happens When You Have No Insurance And Get Into An Accident?


We have all tried to save money here and there, whether it be not getting a warranty on a new laptop or opting to not buy your usual coffee in the morning. But what happens when you put off getting car insurance altogether?

Well, in most states, this is illegal and I would advise everyone not to consider doing this. But going further, is it even worth it to drive without insurance? What would happen after getting into an accident?

Driving Without Insurance

First off, it is a crime in most states to drive without insurance. You can be pulled over at any time and if for whatever reason a police officer wants to see proof of your insurance, you’re busted.

Sure, you might be saving maybe $200 a month by skimping out on insurance, but you will be spending your days constantly worrying about what would happen when you get into an accident. 

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Maybe you might have some trope dream where you’re held in a scary dark court on trial for your crimes and you’re sentenced to life in prison. The stress will not be worth the money saved.

Right After An Accident Without Insurance

The worst has come to fruition and you have gotten into an accident without insurance. It could be a small bump or a major collision, but it is still an accident. 

The other party involved in the action will probably call the police, as that is one of the first things you would normally do. They will try to take pictures for their insurance claim regardless of whose fault it is while you will have your teeth chattering.

You don’t want to run because chances are everyone around will see your plate and the charge will be a hit and run. The police officers will arrive and will want to see everyone’s information including insurance. What are you going to do now? Lie to a cop who’s going to find out you don’t have insurance anyway.

The penalties for driving without insurance can be serious. You can be punished with a fine, have your license revoked, and even get jail time. This is based on your state and local laws and this means someone living in Wyoming could face six months of jail time, whereas someone from Vermont would just have to pay a fine and get two points deducted off their license.

If you still have your car, you’re going to have to pay for all repairs on the vehicle out of pocket. If you winced at the idea of having to pay a deductible for your insurance to cover repairs or your vehicle if totaled, get ready to face the fire on these costs. You would be better off trying to sell the damaged or totaled vehicle than attempt any repairs on it.

If the accident was determined to be caused by you, the costs for repairs and injuries could be covered by your insurance if you had the right type of coverage. When you’re completely uninsured, however, you are on a creek without a paddle. The other party might even sue you for their own costs.

Aftermath Of An Accident Without Insurance

So, it has been a while since the accident. You may just be starting to get back on your feet and getting into driving again. Your career may depend on being able to drive around and you might have lost your license. This could seriously ruin your life and cause a lot of changes to your lifestyle.

If you’re lucky and you’re able to drive again, through a new car or your old one, you might want to get insurance this time. So, you apply for any insurance company and your worst fears come to life. Your rate is sky high now.

Your rate will increase significantly after getting into an at-fault accident and will raise even more if you did not have insurance at the time. Your rate could almost double based on where you live. Is it not ironic you drove without insurance to save money but now you are paying double plus however much it costs right after the accident?

The most important thing to remember is to drive insured. Always keep that proof of insurance with you too. It is not worth saving a couple of bucks now and having your whole life come crashing down after getting into an accident. If you drive without insurance you could face jail time, huge fines, huge lawsuit fees, repair fees, and high rates if you’re able to drive again.