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What Does Ayman Kaddoura, A Digital Marketing Guru Think About Social Media Marketing?

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Most of you probably understand the basic concept behind social media marketing. Thanks to digital marketing experts like Ayman Kaddoura and Neil Patel, who have been sharing vital knowledge of digital marketing, social media, and its usage with people all over the world.

Ayman Kaddoura

If you’ve not already heard about Ayman Kaddoura, he’s a social media marketing expert and founder of The Bride Technology, a Dubai-based digital marketing company that offers services like social media management, content marketing, web development, and talent management. Kaddoura has always been a fan of digital marketing, but unlike other digital marketing experts, he has a quite different point of view about social media marketing. According to him, Social Media Marketing is all about generating leads, but it helps a brand create its unique identity in customers’ eyes.

Kaddoura also thinks that to succeed in digital marketing, one has to be focused. He believes in diversification. There’s a famous saying, “It’s better to be a master of one than to be a jack of all.” However, Kaddoura thinks that the digital marketing world is changing very rapidly. Now it’s vital to be familiar with other domains of digital marketing besides having a solid grip of one particular domain.

Digital marketing trends have changed a lot over the past few years. According to Kaddoura, the visual is the most important thing that every brand should focus on. It helps the customer to recognize your brand and make your brand unique. That’s why we can observe that all giant eCommerce and brands are focusing on video content in social media marketing. During a recent interview, he talked about the significance of good video content,

“I feel that the most tricky part of the digital marketing campaigns is picking the right video content. With the arrival of apps like TikTok or features like Instagram reels, consumers opt for more and more video-based content. This is why you have to look for content that presents people in the form of the text and can be treated as a video. The problem is that people don’t recognize how important it is to grow with the new trends in the industry.”

Furthermore, Kaddoura also explained his knowledge about branding and marketing in his book, Social Media: A Blessing and A Curse. You can read his in-depth analysis of social media and the evolution it brought in marketing. In his book, he also talked about the cons of social media usage to help people understand the dark side of social media and move their minds from the illusionary version of things we usually see on social media.

Ayman suggests that entrepreneurs, small business owners, and eCommerce store owners who are trying to enter a market with new products or services should do prior research on the demographics audience and focus on specific target groups instead of targeting everyone. That research would help the audience to connect with your brand easily, which would increase conversion. In addition, it will also help you to understand your customer and update your existing and new products or services.

Ayman has spent a good amount of years working in the industry and acquiring knowledge about the digital marketing industry. He started his career at Al Masar General Trading as a sales executive in 2007, later joined My Media Consultancy. In a very short time, he became the general manager of My Media. Later, he became a CRM agent for the CRM Middle East, where he worked with world-renowned companies like BMW, Audi, and Range Rover. It was that time when he realized it was time to do something on his own and he entered into the freelance market.

Kaddoura’s life is filled with different experiences that made him what he is today, benefiting thousands of people through his social media and book. He shares resourceful information on LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, and Twitter.