Trump Must Prepare For The Second Debate

Donald Trump at the first presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times

Donald Trump has been criticized by some for not preparing for the first presidential debate. It appears the Republican presidential nominee and his staff have taken that to heart.

Here are some of the morning reports:

ABC News: Advisers: Trump ‘Missed Opportunities’ at Debate, Didn’t Execute

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Donald Trump‘s campaign team admits there were “some missed opportunities” at Monday’s presidential debate after they’ve had time to “digest” the real estate mogul’s performance, sources say. One senior staffer, in a stark admission, says that Trump’s failures were his own and “more a lack of execution than preparation.”

At the same time, members of Trump’s family are standing behind the leadership of the campaign, contrary to reports of dissension.

“My siblings and I are thrilled with the current team, as we should be, given the success in the polls and in Monday’s debate,” Donald Trump Jr. told ABC News today in a statement. “There is no truth to this fabricated lie and we are excited to be working with these amazing professionals. The business continues to be tremendously successful as it has for years given our incredible assets and attention to detail in their management.”

NBC News: Trump Campaign Says Debate Two Must Be Better

Two days after the first presidential debate, top aides and people close to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump admit the candidate’s performance was subpar and that he must dramatically improve in his second showdown against Hillary Clinton.

While Trump has been actively spinning his debate performance as a win and insisting that any areas of imperfection were not his fault, his confidants were telling a different story.

The debate was a “disaster” for Trump, according to one source close to the campaign. Also dissatisfied with the debate performance were Trump’s children, according to a campaign aide, who said they wish campaign leadership had forced him to take it more seriously.

Politico: Trump’s new brain trust

Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s preparations for taking over the federal government are as wildly different as their campaigns for the White House — and for once, Trump’s operation is the more elaborate one.

While the Republican’s campaign is marked by light staffing, a scant policy agenda and the nominee’s gut-instinct style on the stump, the Trump transition team led by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has assembled nearly 100 advisers who are weighing details on issues ranging from taxes and national security to decisions on which Obama administration policies should be quickly overturned, according to people familiar with its inner workings.