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Top Ways To Accessorize Your Backyard Patio

If you have a backyard porch or patio, you have the potential to do something unique with it. Many folks neglect the different ways to accessorize their backyard patios, but you can decorate them like any room in the house with a bit of work.

Engaging String Lights

You don’t have many options to enjoy your patio come nightfall. Some yards have firepits but consider string lights for something just as illuminating without the extra work. String lights come in multiple sizes and styles to complement the décor of any home. Consider using acrylic bulbs for your fixtures to avoid any possible mishaps when hanging lights outside. There’s a reason why a lightbulb over your head is symbolic of having a good idea.

Plants Add Color

One of the top ways to accessorize your backyard patio is with some decorative plants. Thankfully, an advantage of living in Florida is the climate makes it easy for a wide variety of flora to grow. Whether you prefer hanging ferns, an elegant flower bed, or a homegrown herb garden to bring the smell of rosemary to your home, plants add a vibrant dash of color. Choosing plants to fit your preferences makes your space feel more personal and adds a touch of hominess to your patio.

Options for Shade

An upside of living in Florida is that the sun is good for the plants, but that same sun isn’t always great for your eyes and skin. Adding opportunities for shade to your patio provides lower temperature areas for you and your guests. For more prominent backyard porches, something like a pergola provides decoration and ample shade. However, companies have a variety of fixtures for providing shade for smaller decks and homes, such as retractable awnings. The shade is cool, but finding the best way to sit in the shade and enjoy the outdoors is cooler.