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Top University Cities To Study In Mexico

Cityscape of Mexico City

Mexico is very popular for study exchange semesters due to the quality of its universities and great travel experiences. If you are considering studying in Mexico, find out more about the best university cities in Mexico to have a great experience. Learning the Spanish language is a plus, which will open you to many professional opportunities, meet great people and open your network.

Mexico City (Ciudad de México)

The largest city with the most significant number of students in the whole country, including foreigners who are eager for cultural and educational immersion. UNAM is the most popular and largest university in the city.

Apart from getting a great education, you can visit hundreds of museums and experience a unique culture to make you feel part of this country. The friendly people and its gastronomy are additional benefits.

If you are a student, you will also get many discounts on museums, public transport and so on.

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Guadalajara, Jalisco

This city is one of the most desirable, and the one that steals the heart of many foreign students, because of its vibrant and dynamic city. You will find many universities with international agreements with institutions from around the world.

Although transport is a little more expensive than in Mexico City, it is a charming destination for its visitors because it connects to many amazing beaches.

Xalapa, Veracruz

A city with a cultural background to fall in love with. It is a less populated city with a great foundation in art, perfect for art students. The University of Veracruz has many programs promoting art, so sign up!

The prices are very affordable, and the climate is pleasant. In addition, in Xalapa, you will find the best coffee in Mexico, something that students can’t live without.


Monterrey has the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, which is famous for its studies in the areas of medicine and science. So whether you’re involved in these areas of study or want to, this place will be perfect for you.

In addition, Monterrey, the third-largest city in Mexico, offers many things to do, perfect for those who love a vibrant city and exploring.


This city looks like an old town, its architecture makes it truly unique and will make you forget that you are in a metropolis. In addition, the University of Querétaro is excellent for student exchange immersion and has excelled in its science programs.

Are you ready for a student internship? Mexico is a beautiful country to explore, learn, and live in.

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