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Top Betting Tools That Can Be Used By Gamblers


There has been a recent increase in demand for gambling tools recently. As punters, those who bet against a bookmaker, look for ways to increase their edge over the house, developers have in turn put measures in place and have come with innovations that will work in favor of punters as well as casinos too.

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Some quality software relating to gambling have entered the market and tools like odds calculators have become prevalent in recent times. Nevertheless, we’ll be taking a look at three betting tools being used:

  1. BetTrader

This is an innovation of financial trader Adam Todd. He developed the tool to help with his Betfair trading. BetTrader made use of money ladders and this gave rise to its popularity. It is designed to offer fast views on Betfair pricing so that players can take advantage of value bets.

It also comprises a trading functionality that allows one to place bets automatically in pre-determined circumstances such as a Stop Loss or Tick Offset. It’s available as a  free trial and a paid version.

  1. Poker Odds Calculator

A requirement for success is poker is the ability to calculate odds. If you are not good at this, then you’re automatically disadvantaged in comparison to players who understand the process.

There is no joy in seeing your competition have an edge over you. Regardless, there are a few ways through which the calculation of poker odds can be learnt.

888 have a calculator for poker odds which enhances the quicker learning of the process. It comes with an intuitive interface that allows the user to work through any permutation on a poker table to arrive at the exact odds.

The UI is easy to use and you can find yourself learning it without any major challenge.

  1. Trademate Sports

This is one reliable value betting software which is very rare. It comes with a proposition that enhances your identification of profitable opportunities in the global sport betting market.

It has a background algorithm which it claims can develop true odds and provide opportunities for punters.