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Tips On How To Get Out Of Depression In This Pandemic Era


The COVID-19 outbreak has affected people’s daily lives. One of these includes our mental health. With the disruption in our lives, everything changed drastically- from freely going anywhere to constant lockdowns and social distancing. Life, as we know it, suddenly stopped in a blink of an eye. Because of this, a lot of people’s mental health has dropped significantly.

Constant stress about almost everything and being unable to socialize with people have left many distraught, especially those with existing mental health issues. With people feeling hopeless and helpless, experts say that we should do everything we can to distract ourselves from a downward spiral.

With a lot of depressing things happening lately, it’s no wonder why many are feeling depressed. This is especially true for those who are diagnosed with clinical depression. That said, if you’re one of those people who are diagnosed with clinical depression or just not feeling fine in the head lately, here are some tips on how to deal with depression during the pandemic era.

Be More Productive

One thing you can do when you’re feeling isolated or alone is viewing your isolation as having more time to yourself instead of seeing it as a prison. With a lot of free time, you can do a lot of things, such as working on your hobbies.

Finishing your work for today or doing a personal project can feel pretty satisfying, allowing you to keep your mind busy. But if you don’t have anything to do, you can opt to work on yourself. Learn new skills or do daily exercise routines to keep your mind and body in shape.

Being productive is important since it can keep your mind off from feeling too isolated and passive. With isolation and passivity, we tend to ruminate dark thoughts like asking ourselves why this is happening or when it will end.

Find Social Support

You are not truly alone even though you feel as such. One of the beautiful things about the internet is its capability of connecting people to faraway places.

Although you can’t truly physically connect with others due to imposed restrictions, doing either a voice or video call is still effective and can greatly help with your mental well-being. In addition, getting support from your friends and family during the pandemic is an effective way of avoiding depression and other mental health conditions, such as anxiety.

Being constantly connected with other people might feel like a struggle right now, but it’s excellent in keeping yourself less and less lonely. Not only that, but many people find it helpful to work with online social groups. Some communities even recommend seeking a professional’s help and taking medicines like SSRIs and SNRIs (with a doctor’s prescription), along with other resources to help people with mental health issues.

Make Financial Plans

A lot of businesses have closed during the pandemic. Many people also don’t have a job and are struggling with their finances. This worry would take a toll on anyone, especially those dependent on their jobs and now have to suffer because they are unemployed.

It’s important to plan ahead. The first thing you can do is to see if you are still eligible for loans. If you have some saved-up money, budget accordingly so that you can stretch it out as much as possible. Not worrying about your finances can make you feel at ease, which is great for your mental health.

Keep a Schedule

With a lot of free time and staying cooped inside their homes, many people are finding it hard to keep track of time. Because of this, people can go on for days doing nothing, which does not bode well for one’s mental health.

Therefore, structure in your daily life is important to keep you focused on something and help you avoid distractions that can damage your mental health. Keeping a schedule and making yourself as busy as possible allows you to do just that.