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Time To Take Stock, It’s Evaluate Your Life Day

Evaluate Your Life Day
Evaluate Your Life Day

The time comes in every life where we have to take an accounting, a reckoning of the things we’ve done, the progress we’ve made, and the path we’re on. During that evaluation we may find that we don’t like where we are, and want to make changes to move forward with our goals. Maybe you’ll find that you’re making the progress you wanted to, and everything is moving along smoothly, most likely it’ll wind up somewhere in between. Whatever the case, Evaluate your Life day is a great opportunity to figure out where you are on your path.

History of Evaluate Your Life Day
Evaluate Your Life Day was created by the excellent people at Wellcat.com to encourage people to check out what’s going on in their lives, and to set things on the proper course. The concept of how important checking your course is cannot be understated, we all get a little lost on our trek, and without a regular check-in, how are we to know and plan for the future?

How to
Celebrating Evaluate Your Life Day can be an involved and harrowing experience, but any time you reevaluate your life should be. It can start with a solid accounting, breaking your life down into the various parts that make up our lives. Social, Educational, Financial, each piece to be broken down into its component parts to find out where you are along the path. Once you’ve got everything nicely itemized down, you can start cross-referencing how they relate to each other, and see where you’ve arrived on the path of your life.

For those of a less organized bent, getting away from it all can be the perfect way to re-evaluate your life, there are retreats to get away from it all, where you can be guided through a self-realization process that will help you take a full and honest accounting of your life. These are great for those who can afford them, and the kind of professional guidance will help put your life back on track.

If this kind of thing is out of your price-range, there’s good news! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a solid hold on your life. Instead take a minimalist trip out to the country, into the woods away from it all, and spend your time conversing with yourself, and nature. Sometimes all it takes is the quiet, crackling fire, and the stars overhead to really understand your place in the world.