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These Gin and Tonic Popsicles Are This Summer’s Perfect Treat (Video)


Summer will never be the same! But hopefully we won’t be too drunk to forget it. Buzz60’s Maria Mercedes Galuppo has more.

Gin and tonic fans, this one’s for you. POPS—the masterminds behind the first-ever champagne popsicle—is launching a new flavor for spring and, yep, it tastes exactly like the iconic cocktail. Teaming up with Gordon’s Gin, POPS announced the collab (aka their “new partner-in-lime”) to Instagram on March 12, just two days ahead of its Tesco debut.

The recipe doesn’t deviate too far from the classic drink. In fact, the brand kept the boozy treat pretty simple. According to Gordon’s, the popsicles are made with their London Dry gin and real lime juice. They’re also only 47 calories!

And while flavor and calorie count may not disappoint, some fans are a little bummed over the alcohol content—or lack thereof. With a .5 percent ABV, it’s not nearly as strong as similar POPS favorites. However, that could soon change. Gordon’s Gin took to Instagram earlier this month to assure fans to “keep an eye on our channels for more updates ?” on an even boozier option.


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