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The Truth Revealed About Coronavirus Myths


When it comes to coronavirus, there are still so many things that are unknown. 

As coronavirus keeps making the news, more and more untruths are surfacing about this topic. Unfortunately, this information has resulted in confusion about what is and is not true about this virus.

It is important to separate the truth from the fiction to fully understand what is going on and what to expect with this virus. 

The official name of coronavirus is SARS-CoV-2. It has spread from Wuhan, China to every continent on Earth besides Antarctica. It was officially deemed an international pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020.

That much has been established. Now it is time to learn the truth about S1 RBD antibody neutralizing effects, the spread of the virus, and more.

Myth 1: Spraying S1 RBD antibody on the Skin Kills Viruses Inside Your Body

Applying chlorine or alcohol to your body may cause more harm than good. This is especially true if it gets into your mouth or eyes. While these chemicals can be used for disinfecting surfaces, they should never be used on the skin. These items are unable to kill viruses inside your body.

Myth2: Only Young and Old People Are at Risk

Similar to other coronaviruses, SARS-CoV-2, may infect people of all ages. However, older individuals and those with preexisting health conditions like asthma or diabetes, are more likely to get seriously ill.

Myth 3: Children Will Not Get COVID-19

People of all age groups can actually contract SARS-CoV-2. While most of the cases have been seen in adults, it does not mean that children are immune. In fact, early evidence suggests that children are actually just as likely to contract this virus, but their symptoms aren’t as severe.

In May of 2015, WHO released information about an inflammatory condition that began affecting adolescents and children, that may be linked to COVID-19. This condition, which is called a multisystem inflammatory condition, has features similar to toxic shock syndrome and Kawasaki disease.

Myth 4: COVID-19 Is Very Similar to the Flu

COVID-19 results in an illness that can have flu-like symptoms, including cough, fever, and aches. COVID-19 and the flu can be mild, severe, and in some cases, even fatal. Both of these illnesses can also cause pneumonia.

While this is true, the profile of COVID-19 is actually much more serious. There are different mortality rates reported for almost every country where the virus has been found and, in the U.S., it appears to be around six percent.

Myth 5: Everyone Who Contracts COVID-19 Will Die

This is not a true statement. As mentioned earlier, COVID-19 will only be fatal for a very small percentage of people. According to a recent report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in China, over 80% of all COVID-19 cases will be mild.

According to WHO, approximately 80% of people will experience a very mild form of this condition, which means they won’t require any type of intensive or special treatment in a hospital setting. The mild symptoms of this condition include sore throat, shortness of breath, tiredness, cough, and fever.

Myth 6: Coronavirus Can be Spread by Dogs and Cats

There have been some people reporting that pet dogs and cats were infected with this virus. Usually, the pets got sick after they had some level of contact with people who suffered from COVID-19.

There are scientists who have debated the importance of these cases related to the outbreak. It is necessary to differentiate between a real infection and just finding the presence of the virus. It has been proven that the global outbreak is driven by human-to-human transmission.

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