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The Perfect Home Fragrances for Fall


With fall on its way, aromatherapy enthusiasts across the country are devoting some time to choosing new essential oils and aroma oils for the upcoming season. Adding a cozy scent to the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or an entire home is a great way to get excited for cool  nights and fun, family-friendly holidays.

Vanilla Cedarwood Sage

Vanilla Cedarwood Sage aroma oil, available at aromatechscent.com, features earthy, soothing keynotes reminiscent of the forest. It’s perfect for creating a warm, rustic vibe that pairs just as well with a night spent sitting around the fireplace as it does a chilly day drinking apple cider and looking forward to the fall foliage. It’s a perfect blend for bedrooms and living rooms thanks to its relaxing, earthy associations.

Pumpkin Spice

Ready to start getting excited for Halloween and Thanksgiving? Try a Pumpkin Spice blend of aroma oils. With keynotes of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg and undertones of vanilla and cream, it’s sure to get everyone in the house in the holiday spirit. Not everyone loves the pumpkin spice lattes that have come to be a ubiquitous sign of fall in many communities, but few will be able to resist this delicious blend of warm scents.

Holiday Spice

It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving Day to enjoy the warm, cozy scent of a Holiday Spice aroma oil mix. With hints of apples, tangerine, and cinnamon, it’s sure to call up favorite memories of holidays spent with families and friends and will provide a perfect backdrop for creating new memories with loved ones this holiday season.

Fresh Air

Want a refreshing blend that will revitalize the home and bring a touch of the crisp, clean fall air indoors? This mix features scents of citrus bergamot, ivy, and tea leaves and incorporates other energizing undertones like ginger and cardamom for a seasonally appropriate blend reminiscent of the cool, crisp air found in deep forests.

Winter Pine

With nighttime temperatures dropping along with the leaves on nearby trees, it’s easy to feel like winter is just around the corner. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though. Diffusing a Winter Pine mix can remind residents of everything they love about the winter. This scent is earthy but invigorating, and its keynotes of pine and cedar will feel familiar to anyone who has ever enjoyed a brisk hike through the woods on a cool morning in winter or late fall.

Black Tea and Teak

This scent’s keynotes of oakmoss, cedar, and bergamot are perfect for crisp autumn days. They create an earthy aroma reminiscent of stunning autumn leaf displays and warm, sensual nights spent by the fire.