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The Must-Have Online Mind Map Maker – Getflowchart

Does your office team often conduct a brainstorming meeting, in order to collect different and original ideas? Would you like to make a mind map to organize those ideas clearly? Mind map is really an efficient tool. When someone comes up with an idea, it can be taken down with a mind map maker.

Why is mind mapping so popular while working?

It is used to simulate the thinking in your mind and the activity process of thinking neurons in a unique form to achieve visual effects. The elements including nodes, connectors, colors, text, pictures help us expand our thinking, and strengthen memories.

Getflowchart Free Online Map Map Maker provides you with professional yet easy-to-use functions. In most case, you can use it to simplify your work.

Practical mind mapping functions

Different layouts enable you to create a mind map for a specific scenario and field, such as business development, law, programming, digital marketing, etc. After that, you can edit the node style based on the mind map editing tools. You can also change the theme from the massive library.

Absolutely, you are not only able to draw mind maps but also save it for your own use. Every 30 seconds the mind map script can be saved. So you don’t need to worry that you haven’t saved the drawing.

Open your profile page, you can find all the mind maps that can be renamed, edited, copied, exported, and shared. If you have many mind map files, you can also create one or more folders to manage your files.

Memories and thoughts have never been so clear

This free mind map maker provides multiple functions. With pictures, notes, hyperlinks, prioritization, progress, canvas backgrounds you can draw mind maps simply. It helps you organize your memories and thoughts in a clear way. Under this circumstance, you can review your ideas and output plans.

Even though you put your idea into an incorrect position, you can change it by dragging conveniently, which can not influence the original layout.

What can Getflowchart Mind Map Maker help you do?

  1. Enrich your knowledge system

It’s very easy to understand. When you read a book, you can regard the book name as a central theme. Then separate the content into several capitals. In the same way, you can extract and conclude the key point of every capital.

  1. Plan programs

It is often used to plan programs, especially in a company or a university. First, you can set the goal. Then, write down steps and details in a different phase.

  1. Make a weekly plan

Making a plan will help you order your tasks. Creating a weekly plan with Getflowchart will help you sort out your work. You can also make a plan by distinguishing your role, such as father, son, partner, friends, manager, etc.

  1. Make a decision

Usually, we make decisions without thinking. In this case, it’s very easy to make mistakes. The reason is that we don’t understand how to make a decision. So, you can open the online mind map maker to write down all your thoughts and what you need to do.

  1. Organize a meeting

There is no need to organize meetings with innovation. It does not require too much creativity. Just do the job that you should do. For organizing a meeting you must know the theme of the meeting, time and location, participants, measures, questions needed to be discussed, etc.

  1. Make meeting minutes

After a meeting, you can draw a mind map to summarize the meeting, and then send it to your boss and other participants, including basic position, a problem that should be solved, key role, items that have been confirmed, as well as haven’t been confirmed.


Have you opened the online mind map maker of Getflowchart and tried it? It is totally free to use.  If you have any questions or technical problems, contact   support@getflowchart.com.



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