The Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)

Sir Patrick Stewart Ice Bucket Challenge
Sir Patrick Stewart Ice Bucket Challenge

By Aaron Sortal,, Aug 23, 2014 – If you scroll throughyour Facebook or Instagram feeds you will see hundreds of “Ice Bucket Challenges”. The phenomenon began with a Boston ALS patient who wanted to raise awareness of the disease. Thus, began the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which has since drenched the nation.

To participate in the challenge, one is nominated by a friend and has 24 hours to respond to the challenge or donate a $100 to an ALS Charity of their choice. Sounds easy right?

As you’ll see in the video reports below, there are many different, and fun, ways to do the challenge.

Some criticize the challenge because they say it isn’t raising any funds. However, since the challenge started, it has raised over $53 millions dollars for ALS research associations including the ALS Association Florida Chapter.

Other charities are now looking at how they might use this phenomenal success for themselves.


Here’s my report on the ALS Ice Bucket challenge,  and be sure and see a second video showing actor Sir Patrick Stewart take on the challenge:

Have you taken the challenge?