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The Current State Of Instagram Marketing In 2019


Over the years, social media has been playing a significant role in business marketing. It is also seen that since its launch Instagram has grown in popularity especially among the business circle for showcasing their brand and product.

The use of Instagram by marketers has significantly raised the bar in business marketing, for the better.

There are lots of reasons why Instagram has been the most favored medium for marketers.

  • Instagram is one of the best social media platforms at the moment.
  • It is the most effective and productive medium for businesses.
  • It helps marketers deliver high-quality visual content.

When approached properly, Instagram can be the best part of your social media marketing strategy. It will be very easy for you to bring in a specific individuality and personality to your product and brand.

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More visited and checked platform

Typically, Instagram followers check in more regularly than any other social media network users. In addition to that, it is found that there are more active and engaged users in this platform looking for the specific brands they love. With the right content or posts, this platform is the best one to fit your brand right in.

It is the characteristics and features of Instagram that has made it so popular amongst the marketers. Research says that:

  • This visual platform that is owned by Facebook now has over a billion active users
  • It continues to evolve and expand the offerings beyond the digital photo album origins
  • You can incorporate more video through IGTV
  • You can choose from more creative content options to post in it such as Instagram Stories

The platform will help you significantly to expand the messaging tools to establish direct communication with the users.

Increase revenue opportunities

All of these additional features and attributes of Instagram are very significant for the individuals but for the brands, these are much more relevant.

  • With further evolving in 2019, this platform will help businesses to establish an entirely new level of eCommerce connections.

The rise of Instagram along with that extended audience reach has enabled businesses to maximize their opportunities.

Using the useful features

In addition to the introduction of business profiles, there are lots of things that the platform has introduced over the years to make it the most productive platform. One such feature is the Shopping Tag as well as the shift to on-platform purchases.

In order to make sure that you get the results as desired, you will need to follow a specific and more practical guide. This guide will help you to win across all social media platforms. This actionable guide will help you a lot in different aspects such as:

  • Creating your posts
  • Promoting your brand and product
  • Tracking all your posts across all social media channels.

Well, you can also visit sites like stormlikes.com and others to get some additional ideas.

The current state

If you want to understand the true relevance of Instagram marketing and to find out whether or not it is the best option for your business, you must first need to know how the current brands are using this platform and how they are doing in their efforts.

  • Survey reports show that more than 90% of the businesses are already using this platform as their social media marketing effort.
  • These businesses are doing well in contextualizing their proceedings and gaining experience much better as compared to those businesses that are not using Instagram.

The best feature

You may wonder which the best feature of Instagram is. Well, Instagram Stories seem to be the most useful and popular.

  • This points towards the rising relevance of this feature proving it to be the future of social media connection and Facebook has been touting it likewise.
  • There are more than 500 million active users daily and indeed the Instagram Stories are becoming the ‘must-have’ in the social strategy.

This may not initially seem to have any relevance to your target audience or you may even not feel it is necessary to create Stories about your brand. However, if you think this way, you will be deprived from the benefits that this platform provides. The relevance of these in social marketing strategy is reflected by the fact that more than 1.25 billion people use the various Stories options.