The cellphone silencer – is it coming to a table near you? –

By Stan Schroeder,, July 24, 2014 – For families who slap each other’s hands over dinner, scolding one another for using a smartphone: IKEA’s got a solution for you.

The furniture company has announced Sittning — an upcoming, limited edition collection of dinnerware, including a placemat with a dedicated pocket for stowing away your smartphone during dinner.

Called “Logged out,” the placemat does not actually log you out, but it at least lets you hide your smartphone a little and actually have a normal conversation, you addict.

That said — as you can see in the image below — IKEA’s designers slyly made the placemat’s fabric thin enough so you can still see that Facebook notification. Take that as you will.Originally published by on July 23, 2015