Survey Says: 1 In 5 People Would Get An “IRS” Tattoo If It Meant Not Paying Taxes


With Tax Day looming large, WalletHub today released its 2017 Taxpayer Survey as well as its yearly Tax Rates by State report in order to help people better understand this confusing time of year. WalletHub’s Taxpayer Survey features a wide range of fun facts about people’s opinions on tax prep, the IRS and more, while the tax rate report compares the cost of the average person’s various obligations in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

You can find highlights from both below, followed by the full list of WalletHub’s 2017 taxpayer resources:

2017 Taxpayer Survey

  • What We’d Do For A Tax-Free Future…20% would get an “IRS” tattoo, 16% would move abroad and 10% would stop talking for six months.
  • Will Donald Trump’s tax reforms save us money? “No” is the runaway winner, receiving 65% of the vote.
  • What We’d Rather Be Doing Than Taxes…30% would talk sex with the kids, 40% would get dirty with diapers and 12% would spend the night in jail.
  • Whom We’d Most Like To Punch…Donald Trump (51%) was the top choice for the individual most deserving of a pop to the kisser, while only 12% opted for an IRS agent.
States with Lowest Tax Rates States with Highest Tax Rates
1 Alaska 42 New Jersey
2 Delaware 43 Iowa
3 Montana 44 Michigan
4 Wyoming 45 Ohio
5 Nevada 46 Connecticut
6 Tennessee 47 Rhode Island
7 Idaho 48 New York
8 California 49 Wisconsin
9 South Carolina 50 Nebraska
10 Florida 51 Illinois

WalletHub’s 2017 Taxpayer Resources

  1. What To Do If You Can’t Pay
  2. Pros & Cons Of Paying With Credit
  3. Tips For Avoiding & Dealing With Tax Fraud
  4. Last-Minute Tax Tips
  5. States with the Highest & Lowest Property Taxes

WalletHub News Release posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Mar. 15, 2017