Stave Wonders If The 2022 Carnival “Is A Minivan Or An SUV?”

We all know the stigma that minivans carry and for some that’s simply enough to deter a purchase even though deep down we know they’re more comfortable and versatile than SUVs.

So Kia decided to design one that flips the script on what’s cool and what isn’t. This is the first-ever 2022 Carnival MPV.

The Carnival does distinguish itself mainly in its SUV-like styling.

And the other aspect that’s been throwing people off is this new KIA badge, making its debut on the Carnival.  No one has any clue what it is and for some reason, even the mysterious logo has attracted lots of attention.

I like it and so does everyone else that sees it.  Until now the Pacifica had cool design firmly in its back pocket but now the Honda Odyssey is really the only one left out of the cool kids’ club.

If you take the Carnival all the way to the top like this one you’re looking at a $47,770 MSRP or a $582/month lease.  That’s cheaper than a range-topping, front-wheel-drive Odyssey and Sienna and about the same as a Pacifica.  It’s powered by a 290 horsepower V6 and an 8-speed auto. So what are the Carnival’s shortcomings versus the few other available minivans?


By TestDriveNow Auto Critic Steve Hammes for SouthFloridaReporter.comJuly 22, 2021

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