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Spring in Vegas: Some Surprising Facts

What is the best season to visit Las Vegas? Is it the summer for the sun and the fun? Or, is it the fall or the winter to get away from the falling temperatures elsewhere in the country? While these three seasons are all great times to visit Vegas, for our money, the springtime is the best season in Sin City. 

Don’t believe us? Well, we asked life-long Las Vegas resident and partner in OnlineCasino Gems, Lucian Mrinaescu, this exact question. His answer? “Oh, the spring by far. It is not only my favorite season personally but it is also the time I suggest to friends when they ask when they should come out and visit. It really is just the best few months of the year here.”

Here are 4 facts that may be surprising that illustrate why spring is the best time to visit Las Vegas. 

Spring is the best weather 

In case you didn’t already know, Las Vegas sits smack in the middle of the Mojave Desert. This means that for a good chunk of the year, the climate is pretty inhospitable to visitors. From November through February the average temperatures only reach the 50s or 60s during the day and dip down into the 40s or even 30s at night. 

On the flip side, the average temperatures from June through September are 99, 104, 20, and 94 respectively which is way too hot. In the spring months of March, April, and May, the average temps are warm but comfortable, in the 70s and 80s. Also, these three months have by the three lowest rain totals of the entire year. 

Spring is the kickoff of summer pool party season

Because desert temperatures can drop below freezing during the winter months, most hotels close their pools during the coldest season. Even those who do keep theirs’ open do not offer the full range of events that they do during the rest of the year. When the season flips from winter to spring, the covers come off and the summer pool parties kickoff. 

This is perfect because it is not yet in the 100s outside in Vegas and it is cold elsewhere in the country so people come to Vegas ready to let loose pool-side. You will also reap the benefits of improvements and renovations that happened over the winter like the multi-million-dollar renovation of the MGM Grand’s Wet Republic Pool Party that happened leading up to spring, 2020. 

Spring is a great time to see a show 

While some shows in Vegas run for years or even decades at the same casino, there is usually a good amount of rotation with Vegas shows. As the year comes to an end, some shows wrap up their run or prepare to switch venues. The beginning of the year sees new shows open or existing shows get established in their new home. By the Spring, the shows are up and running and all the kinks are worked out. 

With the calendar turning over on the shows and their casts, the spring is when everything is still fresh but they are finally running like a well-oiled machine. It is during these months where you will generally see the tightest and most spirited performance. If you are looking for the best shows to check out this spring, see this Weekly Slots News article, The 16 Best Vegas Shows to See Right Now

 Spring brings good hotel rates

Las Vegas is always full of visitors but certain times of the year bring more than others. When more visitors come, the hotels on the strip can charge higher rates for their rooms, it is simple supply and demand. The spring is not boring in Vegas by any means but the lack of huge events does mean that it will be a little less crowded, which is nice, and you will be able to get a better deal on a room. 

The holiday season, especially New Year’s Eve, brings a ton of people to Vegas as does the pool parties and concerts in the summer. Starting in 2020, when the NFL’s Raiders move to Las Vegas, the fall and winter will become more hectic too. This leaves the spring as the least crowded with big event-goers and a time to spend a little less on your room so you will have a little more to play with on the casino floor. 

Spring is a perfect time for springs

Because the temperatures make the Spring the best time to get outside in Vegas, why not take the opportunity in the spring to visit one of Las Vegas’ famous hot springs? That’s right. Las Vegas is not only the home of hotel hot tubs but nature’s hot tubs too. There is an incredible amount of natural hot springs around Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. You can take a dip in these and help refresh both your body and your soul. 

Visiting Las Vegas in the spring is a perfect opportunity to visit these little pockets of natural warmth and rejuvenation. Among the best hot spring to visit in the area are:

  • 12-mile Hot Springs
  • Alkali Hot Springs
  • Trego Hot Springs
  • Hot Spring Arizona
  • Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs
  • Gold Strike Hot Springs
  • Ruby Valley Hot Springs
  • Spencer Hot Springs

All of these places offer a different hot springs experience and are within an easy day trip from the strip. 

Like most things in Vegas, the key is moderation and in the spring, you get moderate temperatures, crowds, prices, and great shows, parties, and hot springs.