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Salt Bae Calls Cops Over Florida Man Refusing To Pay For ‘Gold Steak” (Video)

The Menu and the Bill (Image from YELP)

How much would you pay for a steak? $50? 100? How about $275?  And if that “Tomahawk” steak isn’t enough, you can get one for a whopping $1000.00.  Yep, you read that right – one thousand dollars.  Then again it is covered in edible gold.

Nusr-Et Steakhouse sells just such a steak. Owned by world-renowned chef, Salt Bae, this Miami restaurant is the place to see and be seen.  Diners expect their meal to cost $$$$.

Along comes a Florida man, and his five friends, who according to published reports in the Miami Herald, The Take-Out, and other media, ordered a regular Tomahawk, but instead received the “Golden Tomahawk.”  In fact, there were two “golden” steaks and a “golden” rack of lamb.

What happens after that is worthy of a TV Show. The diner and his friends claim they didn’t order the gold-covered steak and didn’t notice any difference until the check came.  They refused to pay for the higher-priced beef.

The cops were called, and after an hour or so, the group of six paid the check for more than $5,000. They refused to leave a tip.  Later they posted a seething “review” on Yelp.

Supposedly, the angry diner took the bone home and plans to have a lab check to see if it’s really gold.

What would you have done?

Salt Bae is seen in this Facebook video showing us how to cook a “Gold Steak”


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