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Reasons Why You Should Hire A Car Accident Attorney


The number of accidents on our roads, both minor and fatal, have increased in the past years. If you are involved in a car accident and have been severely injured, the best course of action is to call a personal injury lawyer. According to Orlando Accident Attorney Walter Benenati, time is of the essence when it comes to filing an injury claim. 

A car accident attorney will represent you in the court of law or in negotiations with the adverse insurance companies. It is imperative to retain a highly qualified car accident attorney whose allegiance and interests lie with representing plaintiffs. Otherwise, he or she may settle for lowball compensation.

Insurance companies are well known for offering lower compensations to accident victims or even denying the claim when the narrative seems to suit their position. It is also important to note that these firms have experienced attorneys with a huge budget to fight your claim from many angles. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to try and take on an accident claim on your own.

Below are several other reasons for hiring a personal injury lawyer:

  •         Get fair compensation for your claim

Generally, your first consultation meeting with a lawyer will be free, and it is at this point, he or she will evaluate your case to see if it merits a car accident lawsuit. If yes, the attorney will then assess the true value of your claim based on your expenses, lost wages, and degree of damages caused by sustained injuries. 

  •         Contingency fee

It will interest you to know that nearly all car accident claims are handled on a contingency fee basis. You only pay for the legal services if you win or settle your case. A car accident attorney will not charge you any fee upfront.

  •         Court representation

To win any car accident claim, you must prove that the accident resulted from someone else’s fault. An experienced attorney will use the tabled evidence to reconstruct the accident scene and prove negligence under torts. Your lawyer will also prepare witness statements.

  •         Specialized medical care

To win a car accident compensation claim, you must prove that the injuries sustained emanated from the effects of the accident. While general medical records may suffice, some types of injuries such as spinal cord injury and broken bones will need specialists, both for assessment and treatment. 

  •         Negotiation

Lastly, you might also consider retaining a lawyer because of his/her negotiating skills with insurance companies. Lawyers have been in the game for a while and will immediately know whether your case will benefit most from negotiations or court proceedings after accessing the particulars of the case. Moreover, attorneys also know the requirements for both first and third-party claims.

Insurance firms may choose to avoid a possible lawsuit by offering monetary compensation to cover what your lawyer asked. Your claim will take such a course if your case is high-profile and will attract attention, which means bad publicity to the company. The insurance firm will also be ready for negotiation if all the evidence doesn’t point to you as the at-fault party in any way.

Getting a car accident lawyer to represent you in a car accident claim is the first step to ensuring you are properly compensated.