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Need Help De-Cluttering? Don’t Know How To Start?

“It starts out as stuff. Then becomes clutter and eventually, it becomes junk,” states Heather Oglesby, a professional organizer and founder of the Naples-based, home de-cluttering company, A Place for Everything.

A Place for Everything was created especially to help people clean out and organize their

Heather Oglesby, professional organizer and founder, A Place For Everything.

kitchens, bathrooms, closets, desks and garages. Some projects take a few hours. Others, like the garage, can take an entire day.  Once the project is completed, the homeowner feels a sense of freedom and accomplishment.

Oglesby started the business one year ago. She has an innate need to help others. “It’s my passion,” she says.

According to Oglesby:

  • 80% of our things are rarely used
  • 25% of homes with two-car garages are filled with too much stuff and can’t park cars
  • Kids need to be shown how to be neat. They need direction.
  • Everything in your house needs to have a place.
  • Don’t buy more than you can store.

A sense of accomplishment

Once the de-cluttering process is underway, it’s swift and very efficient. “I don’t decide what needs to be tossed. I guide my clients and I am very gentle,” Oglesby says.

“By the time we are finished with the project, people are saying goodbye to a couple of carloads of clutter. If it’s torn or broken, it goes into the garbage. If it is salvageable, it’s donated to charity,” she added.

According to Oglesby, de-cluttering is very empowering and helps people continue on to the next project.

Old pet collars, boxes of used Christmas cards and casts from broken arms are just some of the things Oglesby has helped people let go of. “I never judge. My job is to be the facilitator and help people eliminate the clutter in their lives,” she states.

“The best thing a client can say to me is, why didn’t I do this sooner.”

A Place for Everything comes to your home or office for a free consultation.

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